DML Sit & Talk: The decline of respect and manners

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Today, DML covers the following:

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I went on Facebook LIVE today at 8amET, like I do every day. I held a Facebook LIVE about the topic of respect and manners. There is an epidemic in the US today, our kids are losing the importance of manners and respect. I focus on this for nearly an hour. I really enjoyed today’s show. Watch below.


  1. Unfortunately, I won’t watch the Sit and Talk. The shirtless format is distracting and unprofessional….You may consider going about your morning routine including your CBD…give it some time to dry and then put a shirt on…it show respect to your audience.IMO

    • I agree 100%. I was going to comment yesterday but tDML’S mean, angry, controlling, unnecessary, and I will throw in narcissistic, comment yesterday made me reconsider. Nobody like being misused like that.

    • I used to share every “walk and talk”, but this unprofessional shirtless gig would be embarrassment if my children were to see it. I have also quit watching the nightly podcast…

    • You should all consider minding your own business, and if you had even a small amount of brains working you’d see it is not a professional broadcast. You should also consider finding another app to use, and on the way find some guts to post a full name. “B” says it is classless for me to sit on my veranda in the same manner I would sit at my pool. Well, I would rather be classless than spineless.

  2. I have a great story about respect. Christmas Eve my daughter cried and complained because, “I was interfering with her plans.” So, I told her to do what she wanted. I unwrapped every gift on Christmas Eve snd I returned every gift on Christmas Eve. After Christma day, She called to ask if it were true after her brother informed her of my actions. I simply told her if you can’t respect me enough to share Christmas with me, you don’t get gifts. She NEVER did it again,

  3. When I was growing up, Mom taught that it is ok for men taking their shirt off gardening, mowing the lawn, of course at the beach. But when they come to the table or sit down & talk with people, you put the shirt back on. This is manners & respect. You always do what you want & you will this time too, but just know you are losing lots of people with this new way of communicating to your followers. Your top followers should stop being yes women & tell you these things.

  4. Dear Dennis:

    I agree with you that there is a dearth of manners. But it all goes back to the post-modernist deconstructionist nihilism being pushed by the godless Left. There used to be a saying “Courtesy is the privilege of kings!” which is better understood in Commonwealth nations in which only royalty were considered to have the “right” to be discourteous. (Although in fact ERII was a model of civility and graciousness. Andrew and ME-Again and Harry have earned contempt for their arrogance and abuse of their supposed “inferiors.”) Common courtesy is rather an obligation incumbent on all people. As for deliberate rudeness Eric Hoffer said “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” Youngsters are being seduced into deliberate rudeness through the falsehood that arrogant behavior projects strength. In addition to weakness it also actually projects abysmal ignorance.

  5. On another thought, I appreciate your talks. You are who you are and if people can’t respect that, they don’t deserve your insight and conversation.
    Respect is accepting people for who they are, not what you want them to be. You don’t have to do the sit & talk, so thank you. I love seeing you on a personal level. Those complaining about your shirt, or lack of, don’t have to tune in.
    PS: miss seeing Ms Mary like how you used to do impromptu FB lives. 💕

    • Putting up with shirtless a shirtless host (DML) by people who pay to be on the app deserve respect and because they do pay to be on the app, how can anybody else criticize their opinion?

      • He chcken shit, aka known as PD, you don’t pay to use my app, you don’t pay to watch a FB LIVE. You should pay to get your head examined, although I have heard they can’t fix stupid so you are out of luck.

  6. It saddens me deeply that my son’s teacher in 7th grade was Shocked to be addressed as Mr. Summer’s. He looked at my son and told him you know how long it’s been since he had been addressed by his students in the proper manner. It’s sad and it’s why we have so many delinquents today.

  7. Respect & learning start at the Knee when toddlers learn boundaries.. parents always worried “ are they happy” so ridiculous really these 2 past generations have dropped the ball raising kids.. then add the electronics & the recipe for disaster is “baked” let’s not forget the thousands of dollars parents go into debt for so “Johnny & Susie can learn how to really party on campus” not in all cases but in too many‼️‼️

  8. Thank you very much for reminding me to not allow the disrespect to control my response. This is a message that everyone needs to hear. Respect and manners are necessary to stop division and bring us together. America will not survive without both.

  9. Manners and respect is your monolog for today , I hope when you realize how unprofessional you look to your audience, you might decide to wear a shirt . You’re not at the beach , you’re engaging with the public . I’m not sure I can take you seriously anymore. I think manners are officially gone …sad . Respect 🤔 mmmmm

  10. Title fitting for person with no respect and manners.
    It’s all about you every time you appear. Now more so with this Newest Twist. “Women ONLY… Not for men”
    This won’t last. It never does. Your platform is very inconsistent.

  11. Shirt or shirtless who cares. I was wondering about the devil comment and Trump. I saw a very funny reel dummies using tweeter. Soros. Devil, hitler the FBI trying to use twitter. Desantis was trying to do his President run speech and kept getting interrupted, by Soros and whoever. The FBI comment at the end was so funny. Me who doesn’t have twitter found it Hilarious! I hope that reel is not what you were talking about.

  12. I think of Rodney Dangerfield’s standup comedy routine about how he gets no respect !!
    I’m not sure if you being shirtless is such a big deal.
    But we do have to teach our children to respect their parents, teachers, family, police and neighbors !!

  13. Thank you for your sit and talks ! They are wonderful 👍
    I probably could bet money on one you blocked. Good for you ! Thx again for sharing 👍❤️

  14. I love your sit and talk, your routine and conversations. For crying out loud it is your head and shoulders we see and I don’t get what the fuss is about. You hit the nail on the head re:manners. I was raised like you or I would get sent to my room. I for one want you to keep up your sit and talk. God bless!

  15. I agree with most of your comments. I do not take anyone seriously that can’t dress properly to engage with the public. It’s like exposing drag & porn in all our faces, it’s disgusting & disrespectful.

  16. DML …John Fetterman was criticized for showing up at Senate meeting in gym shorts and hoodie. You I am sure agree that is disrespectful.
    You are a public figure speaking to a audience with a wide variety of people. Not sure what you are thinking at this point. Your topics are thought provoking but the setting is all wrong for a diverse audience if you want to keep all your followers.

    • Good point! No one takes John Fetterman seriously, why would I take anyone serious who’s shirtless? I already expressed my dislike for DML’s decision on a previous Sit and Talk. If Megan Kelly showed up on her show in a bra and no top, would anyone seriously listen to her? I would expect this behavior from someone on Tik Tok! 🙄

  17. I agree wholeheartedly that respect and manners have taken a back seat. But you lost me yesterday with your shirtless podcast! Talk about respect and manners? I’ve always admired you and loved your walk and talks but when I watched your podcast yesterday, I found it disrespectful and lacking manners and especially lacking professionalism. I thought it was totally out of place, in my humble opinion.
    Kind of like showing up at the dinner table with no shirt Very inappropriate in accordance with the way I was raised
    Maybe I’m old fashioned (I’m 72) but I still think it’s in bad taste and a I’m trying to teach my 10 year old grandson that he should be wearing a shirt in the presence of company and at the dinner table.

  18. No Shirt .. No Shoes .. No Problem .. Get a Life People ,if it were a Woman w/ all her BOOBS Hanging, I’m sure you people would have no Problem with That 😳

    Keep up the Good Work DML n don’t sweat the Small Stuff ..
    God Bless Our Troops n God Bless America🙏

  19. The “put a shirt on” remarks may be because it puts dirty thoughts in their heads. It doesn’t bother me. Manners and respect is a thing of the past because there are parents out there who don’t know how to parent

  20. Hi Dennis
    You hit the nail right on the head about manners,respect l have two adult children in their twenties that l brought up that have manners. It all starts at home. I always say if the foundation is crumbling the building is going too fall. Don’t worry about shirt thing l’m jealous I wish was there in Florida. I wish l was doing the same thing down there relaxing I’m moving there when I retire. Keep up good work l started listening to you couple months ago. It’s great God Bless
    John a conservative from Massachusetts l can’t wait to get out of this state.

  21. A few days ago you spoke of white lies. “Not an ad” seems to be yours.
    Using the oil for not wearing a shirt🤣.
    Like you can’t put oil on earlier!!!
    You come up with so many ways to attract followers. It’s really comical and ingenious.
    Hope you eventually figure out a way to have a more reliable time schedule and programming and stick to it and not keep changing from week to week. You have been doing this since the beginning. Gets very frustrating and your difficult to follow.

  22. Dear DML, I am a Dennis and family groupie. I have been since I discovered you back in 2016. Listening to your walk and talk were sometimes the only positive thing in my life. Especially, when you added that DML humor bundled with occasional singing, they would complete me. 🤣🤣🤣

    The sit and talks are not doing it for me. I really want to support you. Some of the topics are depressing me. I have other venues to listen to for life lesson 101. What I need are need of the day, your political insight on politics mixed with humor, if appropriate. With a shirt on I also have the ability to skip the 10:00 am. I can respect that you want to try out different things. PS I did not realize that your doctor or chiropractor had suggested not to do the walking and holding your phone recording it. I hope you feel better.

  23. Dennis, I have enjoyed the topics all week ! You show a different side and it is refreshing ! I am so burned out with news and politics. You talking about all these subjects are so interesting to me. Please keep this content up. You are so inspiring and insightful.👏

  24. A little late but wasn’t able to watch until today so I don’t know if you will see the comment. First let me say you not wearing a shirt doesn’t bother me. The first day I was surprised but after a few minutes I paid it no mind. I’m here to see your views on what’s happening here. You live in Florida and everyone knows it’s hot. I feel like I’m at the beach with a friend and being there I wouldn’t expect them to wear a shirt. If you were a woman I admit I probably would be uncomfortable.

    Now I agree that respect has gone down the tubes. If I had acted like a lot of people do first even if I were a teenager I wouldn’t be sitting for a week. I was raised when you got your rear end whipped when you crossed boundaries. 2nd. My children got whipped also. Not beaten whipped, spanked what ever you want to call it is different from being abused. My husband spanked yes not whipped but spanked my grandson who’s now a adult one time and it was 2 or 3 swats on the butt and I thought he was going to cry over it but my grandson never got anymore spankings after that. It was enough to teach him. My grand daughter is a different story. It’s a disobedience I think they are born with. The Bible talks about children not obeying their parents in the last days. I haven’t seen as many disobedient children in my life. How ever many adults have a lack of manners I was raised when you were taught to say yes ma’am or sir or no ma’am or sir open doors say thank you. I’m a boomer and proud of it. I might hurt some feelings here but I think the southern people have more manners. So that’s my opinion. Oh and before I go I would speak to you on the beach ,in the store, etc tell you who I was & introduce you.


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