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Written by DML
ALERT: The DML News App aggregates news from a large variety of websites and news outlets.  We have done this for nearly a decade.  We do not make the news, we do not write the news, we aggregate news.

With the above in mind, there are days when I ask myself why I continue to remain in the news business.  Today is one of those days.  Why?  Not because I have to deal with so many things that are ugly – such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, to name a few.  But because I have to deal with crazy people who have not a clue as to what we’ve been doing for nearly a decade!

Aggregating news from around the country, and in some cases around the globe, takes an incredible amount of time and money.  We never get to stop doing our job.  We are a 7-day per week, 18-hour per day company.  The people who work with me put in a ton of hours, push out a ton of energy, and there is never a break. We work holidays, mornings, nights, etc. When covering the news, you can’t walk away from the computer… EVER.  If you do walk away, Murphy’s Law states you will miss the big breaking news story.

The effort to deliver information to you is in real time, and we try to do it without being biased.  The effort takes more than you can imagine, and meanwhile, it’s important to say the financial upside is miniscule. So when I get trolls, idiots, and people who can barely put together a sentence sending me emails I am left shaking my head.

I don’t think much of the dumb emails I receive, especially when it gets personal. I can care less what people think of me. But what burns me is that I am super busy with so many things, and so I have very little time to read emails each day.  Time is so sparse for a person like me, but I feel obligated to address my inbox throughout the day because you never know when there is something of mega importance.  For example, last year I had a TeamDML member send me an email stating she was dying.  She wanted to speak to me before she went to Heaven.  I missed the email because it was buried in an ocean of emails.  And so when I miss a critical message because I have to spend time reading bullshit messages it really pisses me off.

Therefore, I am hereby asking the few trolls, idiots, and tin foil hats who are using my app without understanding what we do as a company…. please…. pretty please… get a clue and stop wasting my time.  And if you’re not going to delete my app and leave me for another service, please wake up and understand the concept: We collect news articles that are trending and offer various looks at the news, we do not write op-eds.  If I do write an op-ed, it will state DML OP-ED.  For those of you with little understanding of what “OP-ED” means, it’s an opinion editorial.  My podcasts are often op-eds of the audio kind.  So unless it’s a podcast or an article marked as OP-ED, it doesn’t mean I agree or disagree with the news being published. Now, with that very easy to understand explanation, to all the tin foil hats and bored-out-of-their-skull people who want their 15-minutes of fame, this post is where you get to see your comments in bright lights. Congrats, you made it to the big time. I hereby respond to you.  Now please go find a hobby and stop wasting my time.  Delete my app, please.  READ THE EMAILS I RECEIVE BELOW AND THE MESSAGES I GIVE IN RETURN.

DML REPLY: YES, THE DEEP STATE JUST WROTE ME A CHECK FOR $7-Trillion.  I think they got the money from Putin.  Either way, I think I will use the money to buy a pizza (but not from the parlor where you think Hillary hides the kids).

DML REPLY:  Sorry about that, every now and then when Hunter comes to my house he sneaks out to the pool and writes articles about Ukraine. I have asked him to stop, but he can’t hear me.  He has Van Halen playing too loud I guess.  By the way, I think Eddie Van Halen’s death was an inside job maybe.  If you pay his last album backwards it sounds like REDRUM, which is MURDER backwards.

DML REPLY: I am not part of the New World Order, but I was the lead singer in Milli Vanilli. Please don’t tell anyone.  And if you want a new CBD supplier, I hear Putin is starting a CBD brand called VLAD CBD, made with nuclear energy.

DML REPLY: Are you implying I love NATO?  Or did you mean NACHOS.  I love nachos.

DML:  Ouch!  You got me.  Although hold on for a second. On second thought was that me who interviewed Mike a few months back?  Maybe it wasn’t.  Some people say I look like JFK Jr.  Maybe that was John Jr. who came back from the dead and interviewed Lindell on my podcast.  Personally, I think I look more like Tony Soprano. 

DML:  I would love to be more personal, but Mary will not allow me to podcast or report news in my birthday suit.  I am so sorry for the cold, Walter Cronkite delivery.  Maybe I should loosen the neck tie?  

DML:  I never heard of that album, but I did listen to every song on OU812 (Van Halen).  Play it backwards if you get a chance.

DML: Newspile? Is that a word? Did you mean to write “pile.” Let me show you how it looks in a sentence.  On Saturday afternoons I spend my time picking up the PILE of dog shit from the lawn, so you must be mistaking me for someone else during your weekend reading. 

DML: I didn’t know I took a stance. But thanks anyhow.

DML:  In a world where people send me ugly messages, your note is beautiful and much appreciated.  Love your way!  Thanks for the note, send them as often as you like.  🙂


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  1. How and why do people find the time to send negative emails. I admire you for wanting to continue the personal touch of connecting with your followers via email directly, because as you say you might miss something very important, but I’d say many are like the above described and a waste of time. Just keep doing what you do to inform your logical followers and ignore to personal assaults. Your time might be better served reviewing threads like this one vs hateful emails.

  2. All I can say is I LOVE YOU and ALL you and your team do! I honestly don’t understand what is wrong with people Dennis! I love the DML News app! It is my go too! I TRULY APPRECIATE YOU and your amazing TEAM!!!!! Thank you, thank YOU🙏 😊🇺🇸

  3. I believe that the vaccine has twisted some brains into mush or they are possessed. SMH You just need to maintain a sense of humor. I loved your responses. 👍 Thanks for the laughs.

  4. I use your news everyday. It’s the most trusted news out there. I don’t read every post but I read a lot. If I decide to delete your ap, I promise, I don’t feel the need to broadcast it or brag (complain) about it. I have been with you way before the ap was created. So keep up the good work. A lot of us depend on it.

    • Mine, too. But it may be automatic, due to an algorithm or its length. Try shortening them and then post again.

  5. Oh these pathetic people!! If I don’t necessarily agree with something posted here I just let it go! Like you said you are just sharing what news is out there and we can read it or not. Geez! Your OpEd’s are usually right on point and I enjoy the podcasts and miss the walk n talks! We who have been with you since the beginning love you and appreciate all you try and do. Keep doing what you do best and let the trolls fall to the wayside. They are lost. And a map or navigation site can’t help them. 🙄

  6. I laugh at stupid people emails to you. Pity them too. You are a wonderful reporter! I start my day everyday reading everything you report so I can have a conversation with anyone who wants to discuss anything that’s going on. I’ve had to travel 8 times to Texas to care for my mom with alzheimers and I can listen to you instead of music.

  7. I have the upmost respect for you and can hear the passion in your words or in your pod casts. You have educated me thru the years, and for that I am so grateful. My head has been spinning in the last couple months with all of Biden’s bull shit. Tired of finger pointing and playing the blame game. I was wondering why does Putin do this now and not under Trump. And if they claim the Russians hacked the elections, perhaps they made so Biden wins so he is there primed for this attack. And now the little shit in North Korea shooting off missles, and now Iraq is doing their thing. I am 70 years old and would like to live out my golden years not stressing and scared to death. On a limited income, I was forced to move from California as we are taxed out. I hear gas in places is over $8.00 a gallon. It’s insane.

  8. I read DML news first thing in the morning. Love your podcast too! Keep up the good work and your CBD is pretty good too. Love your work!

  9. DML , I can’t imagine what you have to endure on a daily basis ! The way of life / families if there is such a thing anymore ,? I respect your old school approach to everything cause that’s where and how the era of the times we was taught . My Point was a don’t want you to let it get you down . Do what you do and maybe if you find the energy again to do what you did in 2016 . Keep pushing on …We Need you ! # 2024

  10. LOVE THIS ARTICLE, DML!! Some of the masses don’t understand what aggregation is or they don’t read your disclaimer of such AT THE TOP OF EACH AND EVERY POSTING. Let them eat cake. Van Halen ROCKS!😏

  11. DML.. you are excellent reporter..
    Thank you for doing good job..
    Do not worry about crazy people..
    You are the best …I love to read your are my radio everyday..
    Thank, thank, thank..

  12. You are great, truthful and genuine. Keep doing what you are doing and ignore the “ uninformed “. They haven’t a clue. Love you DML❤️

  13. Love you and your family DML. I laughed so hard with your responses. Can you go easy on Ukraine and Russia stuff? Haha. Are people crazy???

    I would be so lost without you and your news. I appreciate how much you give of your time and money. You have a great team too. Thanks to all.

  14. I wish my life was only half as boring as these negative Nancy’s so maybe I could actually have some time to troll instead of always working/studying/raising a family….you know, just having a life! Anyway…..I appreciate what you are doing with this app. It’s literally my favorite place to go to get the news from multiple sources all at once. Thank you for what you do!

  15. I’ve been with you a long time and you’re my news guy. First thing in the morning with my coffee I check out what’s going on in the world and a couple times during the day and your nightly briefing, you’re the best.

  16. Just to let you know I really appreciate everything you and your team does with your news app. It is the first thing I read in the morning and continue to check out your app through the day. Thank you!

  17. You are my main source of news! I check your app frequently during the day.

    Ignore the trolls, they have nothing better to do.

    Keep up the good work!!

  18. We’ve been with you since you were on Newsmax. Can still remember watching you walk off the set at the begining of your show. We were proud of you for standing up for your principals. Big set of balls, man, you rocked! We were sorry to see you go, but we were elated to see you return doing your own thing. With you all the way! Great job! A big “Thank You” to you and your great staff and Mary, too for all you do to keep us well informed.

  19. As I have told you in the past how i appreciate what you do. Thank you again for all your hard work and keeping me informed about our world that we live in. I’m constantly opening this app all day.

  20. DML you are the greatest and I appreciate all your hard work. I love your app and all you do to get news to us. People can just be idiots. Keep up your hard work amd k ow there are more of us then them.

  21. DML, mad respect to you, bro. You’re a patriot who does for us an important service. Great idea also highlighting the positive message you received. I respectfully suggest you consider hiring another trusted writer if ever you can so that you can devote more time to your beautiful family. Relax with some of your own high-quality CBD, and don’t let the turkeys bring you down.

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  23. Hey DML! Just a suggestion-that you probably already thought of…maybe for your employees you could have a separate email account that only they have access to. Of course there is the possibility that it could get out to the public one way or another, so that may not work. I wonder if there’s some way to send emails from unapproved or unknown senders to a spam folder.

    Anyway, just remember, haters are everywhere and some feel like they have to spew their ugliness to anyone within reach. Take those comments with a grain of salt- you couldn’t care less- because saying you could care less means you do care…lol. Keep doing your thing and don’t worry about the haters. Responding to them just adds fuel to their fire. They aren’t worth it!

    As for Ukraine/Russia, I can honestly say that I don’t know which side is “good or bad” but either way, innocent people are being affected on both sides. We all know this joke of an administration is up to no good- they have been for years. I just pray good prevails and evil goes down in flames.

  24. I never send any Emails -honestly DML I would think your way to busy for that anyway – I have comments at times and I do prefer the Op-eds to other editorials from some other sites — but that’s par for the course – as is.

  25. I don’t understand some people. I love getting reports from you each day and actually understanding what is going on in the news. Some people will find fault in anything. We need you and hope there is a sunny side of the news coming soon. Loved Trump in South Carolina yesterday but hate The View women.


  26. Dennis, some people are just as ugly on the inside as they are on the outside. My parents taught me, as may others were taught when we were little, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Carry on sir, I have watched and listened to you since you started your walk & talks and I think of you as an extended part of my family. Stay strong like that one legged duck!! 😂


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