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I am often asked if I will run for public office at some point in the future.  When I respond by saying I had considered running in 2016, people are often dumbfounded.

Truth is, in late 2014 through early 2015, I explored the idea of running for office after people who had seen my appearances on cable TV news programs sent numerous letters and emails asking me to run.  The situation only intensified after I released my film WE RIDE TO DC.

Ultimately, after 4 months of exploring the options and interviewing potential campaign managers, I decided not to run for a number of reasons, one of them being that my children were too young at the time.  I did not want them to endure the media brutality that comes with running for public office.   A few months later I was offered a TV show on NewsmaxTV, and I covered the election from a news desk instead.

Will I run for some sort of public office in the future?  Odds are yes, for as long as I can remain healthy and happy in doing so.  Until then, below is my speech delivered in late 2014.  The event, which was held in Arizona, was attended by 800 people.  After the event, Megyn Kelly of Fox News ran a poll asking if people would vote for me.  Thousands of people took the poll, with 86% responding YES.

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