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Good morning.  Today is April 25.  Here are the stories I am watching this Thursday.

Fox News reports Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said Thursday they had good talks about their joint efforts to resolve a standoff over Pyongyang’s nuclear program, amid stalled negotiations with the United States. Speaking at the start of the talks at a university on Russky Island across a bridge from Vladivostok, Putin voiced confidence that Kim’s visit will “help better understand what should be done to settle the situation on the Korean Peninsula, what we can do together, what Russia can do to support the positive processes going on now.” Kim’s trip to Russia, his first, comes about two months after his Hanoi summit with President Trump failed because of disputes over U.S.-led sanctions on the North. Putin, observers say, wants to expand Russia’s clout in the region and gain more leverage with Washington. – The Associated Press

MY TAKE: Seriously, everyone in the world wants Kim dead but Kim. I say we take this POS out with a single bullet.  Send in the sniper today!

ALSO…One of America’s oldest Jewish organizations called Wednesday for U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., to be removed from congressional committees and from the Democratic Party. In an editorial posted on its website, the Zionist Organization of America, which dates to 1897, pointed to what it described as Tlaib’s “anti-Israel record,” and accused the freshman congresswoman of associating with “terrorists, anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists.” “Rashida Tlaib’s anti-Israel record was already well-known before she was elected in last year’s midterm elections,” the ZOA article asserts. Since taking office in January, Tlaib has been a lightning rod for criticism from Republicans as well as from members of her own party.

MY TAKE: Wasn’t this POS going to the border on a hunger strike?  If we can’t dump her from Congress, I say we pay for her plane ride to South Texas and put her to work dealing with all the seriously ill that come over the border.  That will shut her up for a while.  Stick Omar on the plane with her.

AXIOS is reporting that President Trump is discovering a reality of congressional oversight: There’s only so much Democrats can do if he just says no.

  • Why it matters: The millions of voters who elected a Democratic House in November are about to find out how hard it is for one party — with just one chamber of Congress and without the cooperation of the other party — to investigate a president who is determined to run out the clock.
  • There’s “no downside” to the White House stalling the Democrats as long as possible, according to a top Republican white collar defense attorney in close touch with the White House.
  • And the bad precedents? “THIS White House cares about that? Hahahahahahaha,” the attorney wrote in an email.

House Democrats can subpoena whoever and whatever they want — but those subpoenas are hard to enforce.

  • Congress can hold administration officials in contempt, but in all of the most recent examples where Congress did that, it fizzled.

Be smart … A senior Democratic aide said there are a variety of ways to go around the stalling White House “to start jamming these guys up”:

  • “One trend we’ve been seeing more and more, and a way we can get new information, is from whistleblowers,” the aide said.
  • The source also said House Democrats “haven’t even begun focusing on issues that can be localized” — drawing attention to behavior that negatively impacts red states.
  • House Democrats are also prepared to use budget power to squeeze Republicans on specific local projects.

MY TAKE: I don’t know about you, but I am finding this stuff to be really boring.  Same stuff, different day.

ALSO from Axios...Measles — declared eradicated in the U.S. in 2000 — has roared back at a record pace this year, Axios Science editor Andrew Freedman writes.

  • Why it matters: Most Americans have no firsthand experience with measles. That lack of familiarity, along with the online success of the anti-vaccine movement, is letting a deadly but easily preventable virus spread.

So far in 2019695 cases of measles have been confirmed in 22 states.

  • More than 70 new confirmed cases were reported in just the past week.
  • Five states are reporting ongoing outbreaks (California, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Washington state).

Different vaccine-hesitant communities added together are causing vaccination rates to fall below effective immunity levels, Anthony Fauci, who leads the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, tells Axios.“I think unfortunately the best motivation… is that we’re having these outbreaks and people are really getting seriously ill,” Fauci says. “Those are the things that are going to jolt people into reconsidering this.”

MY TAKE: There is no better example of how SCREWED up this country is today and how the LEFT screws it up even worse each day.  I ask you to reread the last report above.  NOT ONCE did the report say how or why the measles have returned.  You’d think something like an outbreak of a illness we eliminated 20 years ago would be a good enough reason to close the border, but no, not even a single mention.  Idiots they are!

The Wall Street Journal reports Facebook prepares for a large fine. The social-media giant set aside $3 billion for an expected fine from the FTC over privacy issues, cutting into the social-media giant’s profits even as its underlying business remained strong. Facebook posted $15.08 billion in revenue, up 26% from $11.97 billion in the same period last year.

MY TAKE: Facebook…can’t live it…. can’t live without it.  But even so, imagine paying a $3B fine like it was $3.

Also…Netflix fights to keep its most-watched shows. Hollywood studios that licensed old TV shows to the streaming giant are getting into streaming themselves and want their hits back. That’s a threat to Netflix because its viewers spend much of their time watching reruns like “Friends” and “The Office.”

MY TAKE: Be original Netflix, make your own stuff more often.  I think a great show would be the Walk & Talk.

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  1. DML, I love thie “what you are watching today and your take on them. Keep doing what you do best – getting the truth out. Of course, I value your take on things also. Hugs

  2. Fantastic opinions today too, DML. I noticed the same thing about how Measles must have just fallen from the sky…in Sanctuary States no less. 😂


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