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Good morning.  Today is April 26, Friday, and below are the stories I am watching.

Fox News: The Democratic Party’s youth movement: Biden’s biggest challenge? Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Howard Dean warned Joe Biden about the troubles he may face in his presidential campaign, especially from the “35-year-olds” who Dean says have been running the party — a clear nod to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and fellow freshmen Democrats. “This is a very different party than even the party Joe Biden ran in in 2012. Very different,” Dean continued. “A lot of people could win this race. There’s 20 people in there. I think it’s going to take $20 million to get to the starting line. If you can’t raise $20 million, you’re gone, and I think that’s going to take care of about six or eight of these folks. … But it is not the same party that it was five years ago.” A progressive political group that boosted Ocasio-Cortez’s bid for Congress last year vowed to oppose Biden and blasted him as part of the “old guard.”

MY TAKE: I’m always amazed when they ask political flops like Dean to provide insight on how things will end up.  It’s like asking a bankrupt stock broker for a strategy to retire rich.

Also…North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, fresh off his summit with  Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the U.S. has been acting in “bad faith” since his Hanoi meeting with President Trump over the stalemated issue of North Korean denuclearization. The North Korean leader told the Korean Central News Agency that, “the situation on the Korean Peninsula and the region is now at a standstill and has reached a critical point,” the Straits Times of Singapore reported. Kim warned that the situation “may return to its original state as the U.S. took a unilateral attitude in bad faith at the recent second DPRK-US summit talks,” the Korean Central News Agency added.

MY TAKE: All it takes is one bullet to the back of the head.  Why is this idiot still breathing? Send in the SEALs already.

Axios claims: Onstage and on the air, 2020 Democrats are talking about topics like health care, student loans and reparations. But in the online scramble for donations and e-mail addresses, Trump-centric topics dominate the left’s conversation.

Hot-button issues like gun control, abortion, immigration and climate change are among the topics that have dominated digital advertising — mostly on Facebook and Google‚ since the midterms, according to data provided to Axios’ Sara Fischer by the progressive group Tech for Campaigns. Why it matters: Polarizing topics are being pushed via ads on social platforms, where algorithms elevate content that tends to be more emotion-driven. “On social media, you’re in an attention war, and you need content that makes people stop scrolling — that’s what these emotionally-charged issues do,” said Greg Dale, the director of campaign relations for Tech for Campaigns.

MY TAKE: We just received a notification from Facebook stating ads that discriminate against people and or groups are not prohibited.  In other words, immigration ads will be unlikely to succeed even though they are not discriminating.

Also“Start-ups like Trak, Yo and SpermCheck are selling at-home testing kits so men can figure out early on if there’s something amiss with their sperm,” the WashPost’s Ariana Eunjung Cha reports“And sperm freezing companies are aiming to turn what has been a sterile, clinical process into something more cool — a 23andMe or Ancestry for sperm.”

MY TAKE: I give it two weeks until someone like AOC blames climate change as the culprit behind why some guys shoot blanks.

The WALL ST. JOURNALSri Lanka bombings put focus on Islamist preacher. While authorities in Sri Lanka try to unravel the suicide-bombing plot that killed over 200 people on Easter Sunday, a local preacher who promoted hard-line Islamist views in fiery online sermons has been a focus of attention.

MY TAKE: Oh my God, I am so, so, so, so, so shocked.

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  1. I am a targeted individual. Ive written Senator Ted Cruz asking for his help with no response. I dont have funds for an attorney. I am 56 years old and have lived my life under torture and abuse, im assuming, by the hands of the FBI. I KNOW im not the only one living this life under the thumb of the FBI. Why is this not in the news? Where is the outrage? Why does no one care about this??


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