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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for Sunday November 22, 2020 focuses on the rise in crime under liberal leadership in US cities.  He voices concerns about Biden’s anti-cop, pro-crime leadership style if he prevails in overcoming Trump’s efforts to contest the election results.

DML focuses largely on how Republican leadership in the 1990s lowered the crime rates in various cities, including NYC.  But today, with so many cities being run by radical liberals, DML describes how crime will become the biggest problem in the country.  Thus, he wants everyone to listen to the podcast and then share it on social media.

This podcast was inspired by a video that surfaced this week of a woman in NYC being pushed on the train tracks, ultimately being hit by an incoming subway.

This 30-minute podcast is a must listen, filled with stats and stories that cannot be ignored.


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  1. you call the Cops right now..they are not working to solve the problem especially neighbors hood problem .. they double double the problem the cops looks at you in color of your used to investigate both side who started a shit but now..not anymore..i just the called the cops few days complaining about my next door they been doing for 4 years to control us..but the dirty cops no Question ask to other side ..and told me no one respect them anymore because they are not doing a good job anymore ..

    • You are believing a lie. The police are doing a job. There may be a few racists in the whole country working as police, but that’s how it is, in any profession. Do you know that even tho blacks commit more crimes, more whites are shot & killed by cops, everyday? And that’s taking into account that there are more whites than blacks! Trump just signed an order letting non felon criminals, who were serving life sentences, for drugs- OUT! Free! It’s called “Second Chance Act”. Many blacks were freed from prison! So, get off your crying, wimpy victim mentality BS! We are sick of it, and it’s ruining our country! LIFE IS HARD ON EVERYONE, AND THAT INCLUDES WHITES! You have no idea what you are talking about. Try watching other news, OAN, NEWSMAX AND READ FOR TRUTH!

    • That’s what I say. I’m sick of all of them. Give them half the country, and let them die with their liberal, commie policies. If they think we conservatives are going to sit back, and let them steal this election, & wait as they turn us into a global communist country……..then they forgot, we have guns!

  2. The elite of the world and the great sacrifice of the deplorable’s Space travel and the opportunity to buy a ticket for 250,000 $ They have their eyes set on Mars believing they can make it their home! These people are deceived within themselves! Believing a lie before truth not realizing they are doing the will of Satan. None can escape the wrath of God ! For God is a spirt and they that worship him must worship him in spirt and in truth. Look at the overwhelming amount of money poured into an election that could have fed the hungry around the world at least a dozen times! What a disgrace these evil billionaires are, and their money won’t save them ! They will beg the rocks to cover their faces but to no avail. Jesus Christ is the name that will save you so repent and pray for forgiveness of your sins man cannot and will not be able to save anyone from what’s about to happen. So people get ready Jesus is coming to clame his church and those that are called by his name. But first we will go through 7 years of tribulations

  3. Evil powerful man and women have been planning to control Governments in the World slowly has penetrated the US the corrupted evil scum that we know who they are made themselves to be millionaires of the cost of the people of the United States .. to clean up all this mess would take many years.. Trump is just a small iceberg , for him not to run again we are doomed to fail.. Justice needs to intervene and incarcerate many of this perpetrators…God Help us


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