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Members of and listeners of my podcast know that I am taking this summer to revamp my businesses.   For example, DML CBD is revamping its labels and website.  The DML NEWS APP is launching a new version of the app and opening a store on Amazon. is revamping its membership and the DML Podcast.  There is so much going on, and it’s all great.  Included in the new makeover is how I use Facebook.
People who like my Facebook may already know that I partnered with the social media monster to offer a DML subscription service.  People who like my Facebook page can also subscribe for exclusive content.  Basically, every weekend I offer an exclusive video made visible to only our 99cent subscribers on Facebook.  In addition, most people enjoy my Facebook LIVE videos.  Whether I am sitting in the house, standing at the warehouse, or doing a Walk & Talk, over 1.3m people follow me on Facebook mainly because of my videos.   With this in mind, please consider the following:
Starting tomorrow, I will be doing a 3-minute monologue each Sunday for uploading to Facebook. It will be designed for you to share — we need people to wake the heck up. Hopefully people will learn from it in some manner. The kicker is you will decide the topic. Each Saturday I will submit a Facebook post giving you an opportunity to request the subject / topic you want me to cover. The request with the most “likes” will dictate the topic. The person who submitted the request will get their name mentioned in the ending credits.   My Facebook page is, at pinned to the top is this week’s request for topics. 


  1. I’ve been a TeamDML member for years. I am not a fb member. I miss a lot of DML because fb won’t allow non-members to chime in on what their members have posted on their site. It looks like I will be missing MORE.

  2. I would love to join Again but I’m told I Can’t because my Email address is already in since I was once a member but because of financial stuff had to drop it

  3. DML, seems your shirt is getting a lot of attention! Start wearing shirts on your video programs with slogans on how you feel and stand…great conversation/topic starters for you or others.

  4. Too bad I am NOT on Fackebook anymore. I would advise everyone to delete their account! We MUST get them broken up or shut down! They are destroying our country with their communist ways!

    • Me too, i left in Feb this year and will NOT return Whatever I’m missing i will continue to nit let it keep me up at night !

  5. Not on fb for over year and won’t reopen to give that trash site a rating. Hate to miss podcast but we all need to be off fb and Twitter.

  6. I left FB right after the fraudulent stolen 2020 elect! It’s a communist-led outfit and it’s goal is to brainwash and destroy this country! I’m much more at peace since I left. It was a “time waster “ and it elevated my blood pressure! FV(K FB!

  7. DML please don’t promote fb. Using them only enriches the socialist takeover of our country.
    Might as well go on twitscape and promote that liberal site too.

  8. I left Facebook, Twitter, Instagram when they silenced the President of the United States. They are all dangerous to our country. It is illegal to silence voices it’s the First Amendment right FREEDOM IF SPEECH.

    This is part of the reason I use DML app to get some news and can comment freely.


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