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I have worked very hard to make the DML CBD brand one of the most trusted cbd product lines in the US, and our company has experienced tremendous growth over the past 12-months.  We’ve processed over 30,000 transactions in such a short time, and our customer satisfaction levels are well beyond industry standard.  With this in mind, we’ve spent the last month moving the company to a new location and improving our systems and protocols for shipments and customer service.  Couple the move with the limitations of COVID, and it is fair to say the move has caused a few delays in shipments and customer service responses.

One of the big issues every online retailer is facing is the dysfunction at the United States Post Office.  Atop its website has been an ALERT warning for more than two months now.  Delayed shipments and lost packages is blamed on an “unprecedented” volume level and overall decrease in employees due to COVID.

Although it’s been a small number, some of our customers have felt the pain of a slower-moving and dysfunctional post office.  At times, packages that should be easily tracked via  the Postal Service’s website show as not being scanned, or headed to locations differing from the final destination.  There is nothing we can do about these issues other than track the package and ask customers to call their local post office for help.  Ask the post master to track the package, and ask if the package is sitting in a bin somewhere.  It’s frustrating to say the least, and many times the packages will show up late.  Either way, we see to it that the problem does get resolved, even if it means sending replacements.

If you are a DML CBD customer experiencing a lost or undelivered DML CBD package and have emailed us in the past two weeks but have not heard back from us, the good news is we are settled into our new facility and will have internet by Tuesday of next week.  Miss Mary will dedicate a span of two days to doing nothing else but helping the ten or so customers who are dealing with lost packages and or ship replacements.  Again, ten people is a small number and one can argue an entire post like this is unwarranted but we are passionate about our customers.  So if you are one of the few unfortunate people who had a package lost we are determined to get your issues resolved, even though we didn’t cause the problem.  Furthermore, if your order has been delayed because you placed right around the time when we moved, all orders should be out for delivery by Friday of next week.   This includes any back orders for DML CBD Pets and DML CBD Miracle Me.

Going forward we plan to shift from the Post Office to United Parcel Service in an attempt to avoid the dysfunction.  Our customer service will also improve with faster response times and easy-to-submit forms online at

We appreciate your support, and urge people to place their orders sooner than later as it makes our job easier to serve you better.   We are shipping starting today and it’s all systems go from here.  We have our new DML CBD Face Serum launching next week, we will send an alert when it’s released.

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  1. Thank you for your post. I had ordered CBD-PET and haven’t received it yet. I didn’t say anything because I know how busy you guys are with the big move.

  2. Thank you for this information, as I had placced an order on January 17th as well. All the tracking information that I have received is a pre shipment notification and then nothing. It isn’t your fault. I blame it all on the USPS feet. As it is horrible customer service on their part. This isn’t the first order that I have placed that seems to be having problems. Ordering from other places as well (that took OVER 2 MONTHS TO FINALLY ARRIVE) (not your items but a different company)

  3. USPS for the past year has been very lacking to say the least. I have had parcels shipped from CA to my location in Az end up in NJ. Stuff ordered that used to take not more then 4 days now is almost 2 weeks. Hopefully it will get better. UPS and FedEx are better, but not by much. What they do is wait to deliver on the scheduled day. Tracking will show the parcel is at the local office early, but they hold it until scheduled day.

  4. The more reason to do business with you, Dennis!
    So excited about your new location and what will develop over time. There’s no question that you will make sure your customers are satisfied…for that, we can depend on your word alone.
    I can’t wait to try the face serum…sounds like a winner!
    Thanks for all you do.

  5. Thank you for the update on the CBD back orders. I hope you are settling in to your new digs and enjoying all your American freedoms in the truly great state of Florida.

    I’m excited to learn more about the CBD face serum.

  6. I’m trying to order the face serum but it keeps going back to my credit card info and telling me to put in the right zip code. The zip code is right. Any suggestions?


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