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  1. Here is my take on the news conference with Putin and President Trump… The man was cursed from the very beginning with the liberal news media, globalists and socialists because they were going to turn, twist and manipulate anything that he said or did… if President Trump would have been a horse’s ass to Putin and tried to embarrass him or make huge demands.. We would have heard from the globalists, socialists, and the lame stream media that President Trump was going cause World War 3…. No matter what this man does he cannot make the left happy and they will not be satisfied until he is assassinated or impeached..

  2. DML, I get that you and others are very upset about how President Trump handled Putin. I completely get that you are angry about paying $2,000 per month on your health care insurance too. My family faces the same every single month, and we are paying it with money we don’t have. No matter how upset everyone is, it pales in comparison to the other more important things on President Trump’s plate. The very last thing President Trump wanted to do was to run for and be elected president. He knew what our country was facing if he didn’t. He spent millions of his hard-earned $$$ on running for president, and he was elected. He faced and overcame abuse and humiliation from every direction, but he kept going. He rescued the United States of America and her citizens from the horrible nightmare that would have been Hillary. For all that he has gone through and has done, he still gets nothing but abuse from every direction – yet he keeps going. Only select people in this country know what he really goes through in the course of the day. I can’t believe the energy he puts into trying to solve our problems every single day and God only knows how many hours in the day. President Trump has plans for us. So far, he has had to fight tooth and nail to be able to carry out those plans – but he has accomplished more then any other president in a very short period of time. I’ve not seen President Trump’s accomplishments carried out by any other president no matter how long other presidents were in office. He could quit tomorrow and still have plenty to be proud of. You’d better hope to God that he doesn’t. Even with the illegal immigrant problem and our borders, and even with America’s health care having been destroyed – he still has bigger things on his plate that he is and has dealt with. Excuse him if he can’t be your perfect president at all times too. In case those things he has handled brilliantly have escaped your memory – I would ask you to take note of the Nukes that could have been breathing down our throats had nothing been done. Our economy is doing quite nicely. Workers pay less in taxes and a great many of them are receiving larger paychecks. Unemployment is at record lows. There hasn’t been enough time in a day to accomplish everything you want him to accomplish right now. Try realizing that. Acknowledge and give him credit for what he has done and is doing for our country. He is not done making mistakes along the way. He’s human.

  3. President Trump said something during the conference that no one has commented on; in my words, “this nonsense has and is putting our national security at risk”.
    Now, President Trump believes the American people aren’t stupid so when he talked about our intelligent agencies he was addressing their leaders not every FBI agent or CIA agent. We all know what he was saying.
    Personally, I think he was pisse d at himself for believing some of the Russia crap. He practically said so… “This meeting should have taken place a long time ago, even before the election”.
    I liked what I heard from President Trump. He did a good job with Putin. I did not see all this “ego” you talk about. I seen a very confident powerful man that is the President of The United States, and I Thank God for him.
    There was no need for President Trump to confront Putin the way you seem to want, in a news conference, that would be petty and frankly, President Trump doesn’t have to. I am happy he finally had a conversation with Putin.
    I believe President Trumps only “flaw” is he needs to be more of a “bull in a China cabinet” and quit worrying about what the fake news commentators are going to say and just do his job. Praise God, against all odds he has accomplished quite alot so far.
    Finally, I dont do bumper stickers but I would have to have 2. (I love America & I love My President Trump)

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