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  1. When you were talking about how the Spanish language is taking over, it reminded me of my dad. He served in the Navy during WWII and Vietnam and had said this in the 50s, after being in South America. He said that in the not too far future, our country will be speaking Spanish!!! Astonishing that even in the 50s because of being in S.America in the 40s, that he realized that my sister should learn Spanish or she would be one of the minority.
    My question to you Dennis, is why are they letting them thru the gate? Is it because it’s too far inland from the border itself? That is not checking them for true asylum, that is just letting them in as they come. I sure hope that whomever heads up the Border Patrol will stop this flow. Trump or any President can’t totally and personally stop these people, if the Border Patrol lets them in.


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