DML weighs in on Musk, WEF, cell phones, Antifa and more… please help rate today’s podcast!

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DML weighed in on a number of hot news topics during the Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast on Monday.

He addressed the creepy threat to Elon Musk by the World Economic Forum, the shooting in Monterey Park, California, and the Antifa rioters who descended on Atlanta over the weekend.

DML also discussed the issue of a Democrat lawmaker’s transgender child getting busted for vandalizing a historic Boston monument.

In an especially interesting segment of today’s podcast, DML was joined by his daughter, Ashley Lynch, as they discussed two serious reports about the dangers of vaping and the dangers for men when they carry their cell phone in their pocket.

Below is a brief clip from the podcast, as DML blasts Facebook over their new rule that will allow transgender and non-binary people to post naked breast photos.


If you missed it, CLICK HERE to watch or listen to Monday’s podcast.

Below is the topic lineup for the entire Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast on Monday:

  1. The Monterey Park, CA shooting
  2. Dangers of vaping and Fentanyl-laced vape pens
  3. Juul Inc. Lawsuit gains approval
  4. Antifa activists burn down Georgia
  5. FB allowing transgender & non-binary people to post breast pics
  6. Why men shouldn’t carry cell phones in their pockets
  7. Rep. Katherine Clark’s Trans daughter vandalizes historic Boston monument
  8. Man who ran down mother and baby gets killed
  9. World Economic Forum threatens Elon Musk

RATING FROM ANNETA: In my opinion, DML and Ashley both knocked it out of the park today. His commentary was spot-on, and Ashley had clearly done her homework, as she spoke both from experience and knowledge on the topics she covered.  On a scale of 1-10, I’m giving this one a 10!  What do you think?  Please share your feedback in the comments section at the end of this report.

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DML Podcast (Ep17/2023) Elon Musk and free speech get warning from World Economic Forum