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Written by DML
I’ll admit that I’ve been glued to the TV this week.  Since the moment it happened, I have found the Robb Elementary School shooting to be one of those events that offers more questions than answers.  With that said, yes, I am troubled by the police response.  The police commander who told cops to stand back is a total moron.  But more troubling for me is the teacher who opened the back door.  And unless I’ve missed something, I’ve heard little about the open door during the press conferences. It appears the opening of the door by the teacher is being blown off.

According to the news reports I’ve seen and read, at 11:27am a teacher opened the back door to the school.  One minute later Ramos arrived outside the school. Twelve minutes later the killer walks into the school via the same door opened by the teacher.  This is a major red flag for me.  Is the teacher’s terrible decision bad luck and totally coincidental?  Maybe it is, but I find it very strange that nobody in the media or law enforcement is harping on the following: The kids and two teachers are dead because the teacher opened the back door.

There are multiple standalone buildings on the property.  All of the buildings offer doors, and yet Ramos decided to pick the one door that was unlocked.  How did he know it would be open? Is it total luck on his part that his first door of choice was the same one that was opened by a teacher minutes before he arrived with an AR-15? This is strange, is it not?

As my readership knows, I am not into conspiracy theories.  And by no means am I suggesting the teacher assisted the killer intentionally, but why have we not heard more about the door being opened?

All the focus right now is targeted at the cops.  People want to know why they didn’t charge the room immediately, and why the commander at the scene called for a stand back and wait strategy.  I admit, the commander is an idiot and he made the wrong call.  One can make the argument he was scared to lose his own life.  But lets be honest, although the lead cop appears to have dropped the ball, he didn’t open the back door for Ramos.  The teacher opened the door, and so the teacher is to blame 100%.

I have yet to hear any state or federal official offer an explanation as to why the teacher opened the door.  I have not heard any reporters ask why she kept it open.  Is the teacher alive?  If so, has she been interviewed?   If I was a parent at that school, and if my kid was one of the dead students, I would demand an answer be given immediately.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. My thoughts are that there needs to be a 6 foot chain-link fence with barbed wire at the top around all schools! All schools! With an armed guard on the property as well as other precautions!

    • Yes, I think everyone agrees. But what good would it all be if the doors are left open by a teacher.

      • I smell a FBI rat… things are not adding up! Plus, just read that the Orlando Pulse shooter June 2016, his dad was an FBI informant for 11 years!

        • I was in Orlando when that massacre occurred .The shooter and his wife toured Orlando looking for the right venue. They toured Downtown Disney , and numerous other nightclubs and he settled on Pulse because the security was lax
          It was not long after the first press conference they started to relate he was a frequent customer, he was gay and frustrated by the contradictions of being gay and Muslim – completely derailing the terrorism that it really was and repackaged as a depressed and conflicted homosexual . They didn’t want a home grown Islamic terrorist , when the President was so adamant islam is the religion of peace and the fort Hood attack was “ workplace violence “
          That was all machinated by the enforcement and cleaner arm of the Democratic Party , the FBI

  2. I said the same things to my husband yesterday. It seems very convenient that Ramos was able to access the school that quickly and went straight to that door in such a short timeframe. It seems intentional to me. Those parents should demand answers!

  3. I’ve been asking the same question, DML. I don’t believe in coincidences …. that being said … this stinks. IMO

  4. The Democrats are for abortion. Maybe it’s part of pushing to get rid of guns and depopulating. We already know what these evil people are capable of, stealing an election. Our Country is in trouble! Evil is at full speed now.

  5. Yes something fishy there. Funny how there were no school shootings under trump. Lots of them under Obama and Obiden. I put nothing past them to achieve their agenda

    • There were 122 school shooting incidents during the Trump administration. Three major ones all occurring the first six months of 2018.
      Reference: List of school shootings in the United States — Wiki

  6. It’s an obvious set up. Look at the timing. Right before an NRA convention? Too many things here convenient for democrats. And yes, I believe they’re that evil.

    • Exactly Right.
      Let’s not forget that these same demonic people call to murder their unborn children pretend to care about these children in a school shooting? This is not about protecting chidlren at all this is a gun grabbing event they coordinated and planned. This is a domestic terrorist attack that all you need to do is follow the money: this stinks of BLM/ Antifa terrorist thugs. The teacher was an inside job as well. The police standing down..the same. It all stinks to high Heaven.

    • I believe they are evil too! There’s no other explanation for the things that they have done I don’t know if this was planned if it is or was, we are in worse shape than I thought we were!

    • Your belief is founded in lots of evidence. They are that evil. Far worse in fact. I think they waited because he was supposed to keep moving to more rooms.

  7. Good question!! This too needs to be addressed.
    Did they know each other?
    Is she alive?
    Why would she do that?
    Most of our “leaders” need to be held accountable!!

  8. I haven’t written on this site fir awhile. Seems I get a statement that I already commented on subject. BS. There must be video on the doors. My thinking went to the open door. I think the teacher was a smoker. I think she/he put something in the door so the teacher could step away smoke and come back in. I think this was everyday occurrence. Just before leaving for the day the door would be shut. I’d also question are these doors alarmed.

  9. I was thinking the same thing, glad you brought this up. Also, how was he able to afford those guns? They said one of the reasons he was bullied was because he was poor. He worked at Wendy’s but didn’t work there very long. Maybe I missed something but I find that part interesting.

    • I heard he’d worked at Wendy’s for a couple of years. Even one year at minimum wage, 15-20 hours would be about enough money (net) to buy two weapons & ammo. He had no armor.

  10. The news reported this morning she left the door propped open to go get a/her phone? Did anyone one else hear that?

  11. The doors are always closed and they automatically close as you are let in if you do not have a key. Could it be that the door was not completely closing or do the teacher place something on the door to keep it ajar and for got about it? It should be investigated? This could be a lesson for school employees why it’s important to always keep it shut. It’s a pain when you don’t have a key and no one is around to open the door. The next door is quite a ways. This could have prevented many lives lost that day.

    • Heard a rock had door cracked open . was the teacher a fbi operative ? Maybe ? I smell FBI false flag just like the Las Vegas shooting. Which had shooters on the ground which noone talks about.

  12. DML, the teacher not only left it open. Listen again. I heard it was propped open. In surveillance, the teacher was seen going out it propping it open – ran back through it to call 911 after seeing Ramos with the gun?

  13. My thoughts exactlly. Tgeres lots of blame to go around not just about the cops. This is what you call a perfect storm. The killer had guns and armour alot of ammo. He told some people that he was going to do something soon. The teacher left the door open. The cops followed a protocal that should not have been. So the blame can be spread far to all points. We have had several shcool shootings since Columbine and nothing has changed about harding the schools. Government and officals are all talk and no action. I heard after the Florida shooting they didnt want to scare the kids with cops around . Well I dont think they would be scared if the officals explained it to the kids. They dont want to scare the kids but whenbthey diebthey are out there blaming someone. We have board members approving teachers teaching CRT and gender idenity, that scares me more then any cop standing around to protect. Government, concerts, malls , ball games, airports all have sercurity armed to the teeth but nothing for the schools.
    Just really stupid people running this country .

    • I don’t know about that. Where did you get that statistic. We’ve been having like shootings e ery 2 months or so the past 6 years. Just a rough guess. No it has nothing to do with people running the country, it’s what happens on jobs. If people try and say something people get mad, that’s you and me folks. We don’t think it will happen here so we go on ignoring stuff. It is not our government. Quit blaming OTHER people.

      • It is 100% a set up You say quit blaming “other people” The govt is made up of people There no one to blame but PEOPLE Whether you agree with the people being pointed at or not

      • Asha Paris Bowers, what statistic are you referring to??? “And it has NOTHING to do with people running this country??? It is NOT our Government??? And quit blaming other people???” Baloney!!! These school shootings are false flags set up to impose gun control in our country! Take the damn blinders off!

  14. I think the teacher propped it open to get their cell phone from car. And forgot upon returning to unprop it.

  15. Anywhere I’ve worked after a door is propped open for what ever reason
    We always remove the block so the door is locked back
    Good point DML


  17. Conspirsy…what if it was planned by the govt all these shootings lately on biden watch to change gun laws…No school shootings on Trumps watch….

  18. I can’t understand why the cops didn’t break every window in that school to gain entry as soon as possible! Especially when there were plenty of police with guns standing around doing Nothing (with a “wait & see” response rather than a “ protect & serve”)

  19. The only person 100% responsible is the cowardly monster that pulled the trigger not the Gun, police, teacher, or society.
    Misunderstanding the threat is a tragic mistake in hindsight but does not make you responsible.

      • Agree. Where was mental health from the time that kid was in 2nd or 3rd grade he was having mental issues. He even made the comment he was going to shoot up a school. Where is there responsibly?

    • You are absolutely right. These other things need to be checked out to make sure they weren’t intentional. But people make mistakes. Learn from those. Transitioning from active shooter response to barricaded armed suspect response was conforms to standard best practices. It may have been a mistake in hindsight but for DPS to say it was the wrong decision is incorrect.

  20. As a former support staff in an elementary school I know how easy it is for something to just not go right. Leaving or propping doors open would happen. Sometimes interns who do not understand the importance of the locked doors would do so because they did not have keys. Any number of reasons.
    No matter this deed is done and sadly this teacher may be a victim now for the rest of their life. Unless they did this totally for the wrong reason I truly feel for them. Mistakes happen this was a horribly fatal mistake and now it must be lived with. Possibly the protection of the teacher is the reason we do not hear about it right now. My heart breaks over this tragedy on so many levels. Can’t we do better as a human race? Can’t we go back to a time when one of the biggest offenses in school was chewing gum? Oh, I forgot we took God out of schools (our moral compass and so much more) and now we have murderers, rapist and pedophiles in schools. And unfortunately some may be teachers.

    • Police have a saying… you have a bad day, you are dead. Guess what… I’m not into excuses of interns leaving doors opened because “ they do not understand “ that’s an excuse. If they are working with children, they better damn understand.
      I still think this is not what it seems, I do not believe those were real cops, real cops do not stand and listen to gunfire go off at anyone, especially children. No real cops would listen to stand down orders.. again, I do not think this it what it seems.

    • Well stated. If that teacher were named the death threats would puor in to this person who is probably in a living hell right now.

    • God should be taught at home. I approve that they took outta schools. Too many pjony religious fanatics. You can do all the prayer ya want at home. So do if ya wish. Quit blaming governme t for that one.

  21. I’m not a conspiracy theorist either, but thanks to the DemonRAT party, I’m starting to sound like one. I’ve asked that question too. One time I heard she propped the door open & heard the accident & went to get her phone to call 911. Another time I heard she went out to make a call & left the propped door open. To Against the Democrats point, I’m starting to think that Dems can’t kill enough American babies in the womb, now they’ve sent all the formula to the border & Ukraine to feed those babies & mass shootings of more of our babies are just another step to fill their agenda. I know it sounds cynical, but DemonRATS have that affect on me. They are so evil & corrupt. Sadly many of our Republicans are weak, spineless & pathetic when it comes to fighting the Dems back. We need to get rid of the weak establishment Republicans & RINO’S in November.

  22. I sincerely hope this wasn’t planned. Perhaps the teacher is so distraught by her mistake she is unable to come forward. Maybe she is afraid for her life if her identity is revealed. It does seem convenient. It’s goes against protocol. It doesn’t make any sense. We need an answer.

    When I read that a teacher left a door open my first reaction was why ??! I am sick and tired of the focus always on the gun. It’s the shooter we should be focused on. I try not to get wrapped up in conspiracy theories but this part of this tragic event does make you wonder. IMO, did the shooter scope out the school ahead of time? Maybe this teacher props the door open every day and the shooter knew this.
    I don’t know.

    We may never know the truth.

  23. I for one don’t call anything a conspiracy theory anymore. The things that had been labeled as such have already happened. Too many coincidences with this situation and I don’t believe in coincidences. The left needs to take our guns and will create and do anything to get them. They don’t have a problem calling for the murder of children or anything or anyone else.

    • True. Look what has happened since Biden was implemented
      cheating not voted in ..their covid plan to the BB formula, the list goes on & on they are not hiding. Life is dispensable to them. They don’t care as long as they get what they want. Pure evil and won’t stop.

  24. DML, I think you have a good point by questioning the teachers involvement by opening the door. The parents should have the right to get answers about the teacher and the police should inform the public about this issue. My thoughts and prayers are with the parents!
    It is horrifying to know that we have in our country schools, regardless of size, they are not secured for our children and teachers, one way or another! I’m a great grandmother and I would be out of my mind if something like this would happen to them.
    This mentally ill bubble head in the WH is spending our tax money like a drunken sailor, writing EO for BS and supporting all the negative things with Billions of Dollars! These Democrats have security guards, police by the thousands in DC to take care of the cowards we call politicians, but for our schools and children there is no money left, bc the foreign countries come first!
    With all this going on since President Trump was cheated out of his re-election in 2020. Why there is no war yet and the American citizens are not fed up is beyond my comprehension! How much more can we take?

  25. Your supposedly smart if your a teacher
    And it’s a Texas school with millions of illegals crossing the boarder
    Thousands of criminals are coming across every day
    Why wouldn’t you be more aware of your actions
    As a teacher your in charge of our most precious thing our children
    completely ignorant? Or total accident?
    Someone needs to ask these questions

  26. Whether or not the teacher leaving the door propped open was an innocent mistake, the consequences of that were devastating… I have to think they have interviewed the teacher who was responsible and for whatever reason are keeping the information secret…

  27. Totally agree. Why did she keep the door opened when she went to get her phone to call 911. There is something terribly wrong. She knew that there was a gunman when she went to get her phone why keep the door opened? Why???? Was she one of the teachers that was killed? If not, where is she?

  28. DML, I was thinking the same thing exactly. And one can’t help but wonder if the teacher knew he was coming at that time, though I hate to think so. 🤔 Questions need to be asked to clear that up!

  29. To expand on what I wrote, Imbreading the teacher went to get her phone to call 911. But if I was a teacher who knew someone was out there shooting a gun, I would be so scared that no wayvwould it slip my mind to lock the door again after returning inside the school. I don’t know the answers, but something doesn’t seem right.

  30. Also why didn’t the police storm the school through the same opened door, find this whole thing odd just before the NRA convention the next day. They can’t invade a country if we all have guns.

  31. I believe this was a staged false flag event, I don’t think anyone was killed there were crisis actors there clue number 1, now a teacher opens a back door? They want to take away our guns they have to create these shootings these are mostly illegals so to participate the families are given a life here in America not a crazy thought what do you think

  32. There are no coincidences. I never used to believe in conspiracy theory myself, but you can’t unsee things and our government wants to kill us and enslave us

  33. My mind keeps returning to that same question and I find it odd that she hasn’t been interviewed and is not even mentioned in most articles.

  34. I agree that questions need to be answered. The teacher needs interviewing. My next question is how does this punk have an assault rifle, and who sold it to him, is it that easy to obtain one.
    Next, why does our incompetent government keep sending billions of dollars over seas and trillions of dollars towards the green new deal agenda that will probably never exist, ( just create senseless spending) , and use it for trained security to be at schools. I think the majority of Americans would like to see their tax dollars go towards helping protect their children.
    Lastly, this is not the end, there are more trouble kids out there that watch the news, and have it as a last resort to release some anguish or hatred, so they take it out on the week and easiest route, which now is the schools. Where they themselves may have been bullied or treated poorly by teachers or parents etc. There definitely is a mental health issue out there that needs to be addressed. Many of these problem kids come from broken homes or homes with no structure.

  35. So Ramos was apparently outside shooting as they reported ..How is it they didnt hear all that commotion with the door open ..? My husband wants to know how this kid was able to move that quickly with 60 to 70 pounds of ammunition , clips and or magazines with out training or conditioning (question from my husband , retired marine)

    Where was the Security Guard ??? Day off ..?
    Interesting !!!!

    Something DOESNT ADD UP to us either

  36. Dennis that’s why you are so awesome, I’ve been saying the same thing about that door being left open. The teacher that opened that door is the culprit of this horrific shooting and needs to pay the price. They must go back and check the cameras to see who did that. Please don’t stop on this issue till they are found and Justice is served

  37. Dennis Yubo a social media site who hosted this sick kid Ramos the shooter must be shut down. 3 different people reported his sick behavior and they have it on tape and will not release it. Please make the ppl aware of them.
    This company knew and heard this guy was threatening to shout up a school and did nothing and no one is talking about this heinous act of violence. They must be shut down and investigated

  38. No one here seems to have heard that there was a “shooting drill” run 2 mos prior at this very school and it also included the students from Uvalde high school in the drill!!!! The shooter was a participant in the drill so had a chance to scope out the school then. Having learned of this, and with all these other questions, I smell a rat, and cannot help thinking this may have been a false flag. has the story on the shooting drill that’s apparently not reported anywhere else by our mainstream media. There’s even a photo of students who were in the drill lying around pretending they are dead in the school halls. Many times run through/role playing to supposedly prepare for something actually precede the real thing by a very short time. Event 201 just before they rolled out the COvID pandemic in 2019 is just one example. Because of this it’s hard to believe this disaster too wasn’t staged somehow as well. TOO MANY WEIRD THINGS that don’t add up.

  39. Too many questions. Where did this kid get the money to buy what are fairly expensive guns, ammo, clips and a vest?
    We’re all the items purchased at the same place? It would seem to me to be a red flag if I had a kid, just barely 18, purchase all of those items. At least a phone call to the parents or police to voice a concern.

    Of course the teacher leaving the door open adds even more questions.

    The police response was pure negligence.

    But even if we get all the answers, what will really be done to keep our kids safe? Most parents want their children to enjoy school. To not only learn academics, but social skills.
    Schools can be made safe without turning them into prison. Locked doors, surveillance and metal detectors could accomplish that. At least one trained armed security person should be on duty all the time. Of course that takes money.
    We give billions to other countries, but spend no money on school security and little on mental health.

    Gun control is not the answer. This disturbed person could have easily killed with a knife or car.

  40. I’ve been asking the same questions. Who and why did that door get open? Why no coverage. Something doesn’t add up.

  41. I work at an elementary school and have seen this irresponsible behavior time and time again with teachers and other staff running to their car for that quick min to get something and leave the gate or door propped open. I believe that’s prob what happened but unfortunately it turned out to be a deadly mistake. I don’t think she/he did it on purpose and she had no idea there was a shooter coming. So sad, but I too would like to know the truth of what happened here than all these bogus stories the News is spreading without facts! The door is a very important clue as well as why officers didn’t go to windows and break through to save children/staff. My heart aches for these families.

  42. Did the Teacher in question admit to opening the door or did cameras reveal it? If she did not come forward first she needs hard consequences.

  43. Maybe it was propped open because it may self lock and cant be opened from outside. My front door self locks after so many seconds of closing door and have to punch in 4 code numbers to get in or use a key. It could be just bad timing when teacher opened door and killer showed up.

  44. I could bet this was all pre planned by Dems. Apparently a stand down order came from somewhere up high (Obama?) every time Dems are in office I have a feeling these are all engineered to cause chaos/death for them to make it into a gun grab.

  45. I have a ranch there and know many of the wonderful people in Uvalde. Please do not come here with senseless questions when the teacher is asking herself the same and suffering like hell over opening the door and not locking it back. The parents are suffering so much I beg you to quit commenting and stirring up what you know nothing about. PLEASE do not make this a political issue. Let the authorities do their work. PLEASE there is enough hurt in Uvalde. So much of the reporting is not true. Please I beg you and that goes for you and your reporting Dennis. Enough is enough let them do their job.

    • Skye, we as legal citizens of this country and as Republicans have every right to question this incident as it is ALWAYS Republicans who are being blamed for these incidents! It is NOT us making this a Political issue, it is Dems/libs!!!

  46. Where did this 18 year old get the funds for all of those clips ammo and guns ? That hasn’t even been addressed and I really do think in the environment today any gunshot would have questioned and possibly called in the purchase of guns lots of ammo and large capacity clips. At least 1500-3000 dollars . ???

  47. Where did this 18 year old get the funds for all of those clips ammo and guns ? That hasn’t even been addressed and I really do think in the environment today any gun shop would have questioned and possibly called in the purchase of guns lots of ammo and large capacity clips. At least 1500-3000 dollars . ???

  48. If I were a Detective,I would be asking questions like,”How long did it take you to go to your car to get your cell ph? What was the emergency,that you felt that you had to have it?
    She knew the protocol for opening the doors to a school,why did you do it?
    Last of all,I would be looking for anything that connected the teacher to the shooter?
    This won’t sound kosher but Biden’s going to Tx tomorrow,he only appears when the person is a white shooter.

  49. I read somewhere that the school just had the End of Year Awards day and the door was open /unlocked for parents to leave. Thats all that was stated early on. That’s why you see photos of some victims holding a certificate award in their photo. Makes it even worse to think that. God Bless them.

  50. The classroom doors are supposed to be closed and locked also and they weren’t. The classroom doors are actual safety doors also. They do need to address the door situation and the teacher, but I’m wondering if the teacher is one of the murdered teachers.

  51. Not knowing any real facts doesn’t surprise me at all.Look how long it took the Dems to reveal the Capitol Policeman,that killed unarmed,former Marine Ashli Babbit?
    A big question for me,also,about this school tradedgy is how a Border Patrol Officer,heard about this while getting his haircut and got to the School,passing the Policeman in the hallway,got his wife and child out,then shot the shooter?If I read this correctly?


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