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Dennis Michael Lynch (DML), founder of DML News App and, posted a Walk & Talk to Facebook Monday, congratulating President Donald J. Trump for his strength.

“The president showed what tough is,” DML said after Trump walked across Lafayette park to visit a historic church that was damaged by rioters.

“The president showed straight out that he’s not gonna get walked over,” DML said. “He’s not gonna go hiding in no bunker. He’s not going to be subject to the White House and cowering down to these rioters.

“Instead what he did is something I’ve never seen before in my 51 years. He got out, he walked outside the White House … he went across with a Bible in his hand, and he stood in front of that unbelievably gorgeous church that has been there forever dating all the way back to Lincoln.”

DML continued, “He stood there and he showed the signs of strength. This, what we saw today, is why it is that I elected, and you elected Donald J. Trump. This is why it is that you and I will reelect Donald J. Trump this November.”

WATCH DML’s full commentary in one of his signature Walk & Talk’s below:

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