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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 58-minutes for this day.

DML interviews Ric Prado, one of the top agents to serve in the CIA over the last few decades.

Prado and DML speak about the current state of America, the fears of Chinese and Russian aggression, and why America is losing its position as an amazing country.

A must listen program. Listen on DML NEWS APP, Spotify, iHeart, or Apple Podcasts. Watch on

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  1. Dennis, I like your “slip of the tongue” when you “slipped” and said “obama” then caught yourself and said “Osama bin Laden”.
    Whether it was on purpose or not, it was priceless!

  2. One of the best shows ever! I knew several Cuban teenage boys in Chicago years ago who told me the same stories of their escape! Thank you Dennis.

  3. With the up most respect to our guest and Hoist. Conspiracy has lead to the distrust of the CIA. It starts with a statement by JFK. When he said, he wants to scatter the CIA to the wind. He did fire a General. That was JFK’s anger over the failed Assassination of Castro. And there is where the CIA’s trouble starts. Hover created that by not letting out the truth. And I have herd every conspiracy. Forget who did it. Did another Government move in. No one knows except the CIA. You had Bush Sr. On the streets of Dallas, but he should have been. He was the head of the CIA. Hoover wasn’t there in Dallas. But he was Harassing the Kennedy Administration constantly. Research finds Oswald in the so called Assassination attempt on Castro he was to be one of the shooters. Key word one. Now we flip this and the Assassination of our President was to be only one shooter. Oswald in the Marines had Maggie’s Drawers, a term used for soldiers that weren’t a good shot. Ruby getting into that police station is suspect of the entire security period. Guest your CIA share with us, did a coup move in that day. Kennedy had enemies but the most dangerous one on the list would have been the CIA don’t you think. They would of had the easiest route to get to him. You know who came up with Conspiracy Theory the CIA. But everything is a theory until facts come in then it is a Probability. And as more facts come in. It’s not a theory at all. One that doesn’t question is a fool.


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