DMLNews Morning Briefing Thurs. June 16: Granholm, Obama, buses for aliens, and more…

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1 – Biden’s energy czar reportedly cashes in on EV stocks while pushing climate change agenda
Fox News reports: Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm reportedly exercised $1.6 million in stock options with an electric vehicle technology firm as she and President Biden urge action on climate change while Americans face $5 per gallon on unleaded 87 octane.

Granholm reportedly sold her holdings in Burlingame, Calif.-based Proterra in 2021, but the UK Daily Mail reported she recently exercised $1.6 million in stock options from the company. The divestment reportedly came in the wake of Republican concerns from last year.

An Energy Department spokesperson told Politico Granholm “acted in full accordance with the comprehensive ethical standards set by the Biden Administration and has completed her divestment well ahead of the time required by her ethics agreement.”

The former Michigan Democratic governor famously guffawed when a journalist previously asked her about a plan to curb high energy prices.

MY TAKE: And the Dems complained about Trump owning hotels???

Breitbart reports: On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm stated that the Biden administration wants oil and gas companies to increase production now but also to “become diversified energy companies, to be able to produce other means of clean energy.”

Co-host John Berman asked, “Do you want five years from now, ten years from now, are you telling me you want them drilling for more oil, you want the refineries putting out more gasoline in five or ten years?”

Granholm answered, “What we’re saying is today, we need that supply increased. Of course, in five or ten years — actually, in the immediate, we are also pressing on the accelerator, if you will, to move toward clean energy so that we don’t have to be under the thumb of petro-dictators like Putin or at the whim of the volatility of fossil fuels. Ultimately, America will be most secure when we can rely upon our own clean domestic production of energy through solar, through wind –.”

She added, “And let me just say, John, we really want to see us move to clean energy, but we also need to see this increase right now, and we are asking the oil and gas companies as well to diversify and make sure that part of the — that they become diversified energy companies, to be able to produce other means of clean energy. Because they have huge deep pockets, they have a big ability to invest in the future, as well as investing right now so that we don’t see oil and gas causing the inflation numbers and people being hurt every day.”

MY TAKE: As soon as the Republicans take back control in November, THIS is one of the first people who needs to be IMPEACHED!

3 – 79 buses of migrants transported to Washington under Abbott-Ducey initiative
The Washington Examiner reports: The Republican-led states of Arizona and Texas have dispatched dozens of buses carrying migrants from border towns to Washington, D.C., state officials told the Washington Examiner.

More than 2,500 people who were released from Border Patrol custody after illegally crossing from Mexico have opted to take 79 free, state-provided buses to the nation’s capital under initiatives rolled out by governors of each state, spokespeople exclusively shared Tuesday.

“These people are wanting to go somewhere else. They’re not wanting to stay in Arizona,” said Morgan Carr, spokeswoman for Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ). “From what we’re seeing, they’re all primarily [headed to] the East Coast.”

More than 2,000 people on 65 buses have arrived in Washington since Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) began the operation in mid-April.

In Arizona, 14 buses carrying 523 people have departed since it began in mid-May.

One-quarter of migrants in Arizona said they planned to go to New York after arriving in Washington, followed by 23% who said New Jersey was their final destination. Florida came in third.

In Arizona, 69% of migrants who boarded buses to Washington were from Colombia. Peruvians made up the second-highest percentage at 15%. Carr said eight Russian citizens were aboard a bus that departed Tuesday.

WATCH BELOW: Daily Caller reporter says: “The first group of migrants I encountered last week in Yuma, AZ were from China, Peru, Georgia, Venezuela, Cuba, and India.”

MY TAKE: Personally, I think this project has backfired. It certainly hasn’t slowed down the flood of illegal aliens coming across the border.  They’re just getting a free ride to aid them on their journey into the US.

4 – Georgia mom arrested after allegedly leaving kids in hot car outside Dollar Tree
Fox News reports: A mother in Georgia has been charged with first-degree cruelty to children and reckless conduct after allegedly leaving her two children in a closed car outside of a Dollar Tree store.

Eneilu Espinoza, 27, was arrested after allegedly leaving her two kids, a 5-year-old and 3-month-old, in a closed car while shopping on Tuesday at a Dollar Tree in Roswell, Georgia, while it was nearly 93 degrees outside according to FOX 5 Atlanta.

Police officers were dispatched to the scene at around 1 p.m., according to the report, and found that the car was unlocked with the engine off and the windows were rolled up, all while heat index values exceeded 100 degrees.

When police approached the mother inside the store, she told them that she had been in the store for a few minutes, but police say that the children were “showing early signs of heat-related illness.”

The 3-month-old was taken to an area hospital and the 5-year-old was later released to their father.

MY TAKE: What an IDIOT!!!  She nearly had two dead kids. What is WRONG with people?

5 – Gas For Me But Not For Thee: Obama To Install Massive Propane Tanks In New England Mansion
The Daily Caller reports: Former President Barack Obama has ordered three massive propane tanks for his Martha’s Vineyard property as energy prices nationwide continue to surge.

The office of the select board of Edgartown, Massachusetts, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that an application for an “underground propane installment was approved at the 79 Turkeyland Cove Road address,” the location of a property owned by former President Barack Obama. The tanks are to be used for “residential purposes,” the office told TheDCNF, and have a total capacity approved of “2,500 gallons which was broken into two 1,000 gallon tanks and one 500 gallon tank.”

“We’ve never had a private propane tank come to us,” select board member Arthur Smadbeck told the MV Times.

Although propane gas yields fewer carbon emissions than oil and coal, it is still considered a fossil fuel, and the massive installation at the Obama estate is not exactly environmentally friendly. Propane combustion produces numerous waste products such as particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, greenhouse gas, methane and non-methane overall organic carbon.

MY TAKE: “Rules for thee, but not for me…”

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  1. Wind and solar powered cars sounds doable! Lol. Will we be driving around with solar panels on our cars? Or perhaps we can invent wind up cars? Or cars pushed forward by self created wind? Lol.

  2. Obammy needs to be given a “wake up call”. God , what those that voted with their crotches to elect this “man” did to the greatest country in the world is a real pity. And he’s still pulling the strings through Susan Rice to FJB.


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