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Today is May 26. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – Another Texas school district closes schools after receiving ‘credible threat of violence’
Fox News reports: The Donna Independent School District in Donna, Texas, announced Wednesday night that it will be canceling school district-wide on Thursday and Friday after receiving a “credible threat of violence.”

No details were immediately released about what type of threat was made, although the district said it is currently under investigation.

“The safety and security of our students and staff is our first priority,” the announcement said. “Classes will resume Tuesday morning.”

According to a local news outlet, a source familiar with the matter said law enforcement found an AK-47 and a list of targeted students inside the home of one of the suspects.

The source told the paper that two to three people were involved in the thwarted plot. No further details were provided.

MY TAKE: God help us. Woke policies are allowing these mentally-ill kids to slip through the cracks.

2 – Biden ATF pick opposed arming teachers
The Washington Examiner reports: President Joe Biden’s second pick to head the nation’s gun regulating agency opposed training and arming teachers with military or police backgrounds, an issue likely to be raised at a Senate confirmation hearing today.

In his failed 2018 bid for Ohio attorney general, Steve Dettelbach, nominated to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, opposed arming teachers, claiming that it is a “politician’s plan” that some police opposed.

It is one strongly endorsed by some key officials in Texas who yesterday said it could have lessened the tragic slayings of young children and a teacher at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

As the death count mounted yesterday, for example, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton reiterated his call to arm teachers as the best way to stop or delay a school shooting until police arrive.

“The reality is, we don’t have the resources to have law enforcement at every school,” he said on Fox. “It takes time for law enforcement, no matter how prepared, no matter how good they are to get there. So, having the right training for some of these people at the school is the best hope,” he added.

MY TAKE: If teachers are trained and WANT to be armed, they should be allowed to carry.

3 – MSNBC’s Joy Reid says ‘to hell’ to people who say ‘don’t politicize this’ after school shooting
Fox News reports: MSNBC’s Joy Reid was outraged at efforts to depoliticize the mass shooting that occurred at a Texas elementary school.

On the Wednesday episode of “The ReidOut,” Reid opened her show by condemning Republican politicians for refusing to pass gun control legislation in the aftermath of Tuesday’s shooting.

“Please spare me the ‘don’t politicize this’ bs because these deaths, these record numbers of Americans slaughters are political. They are happening because of uniquely American politics. They are happening because 327 million Americans are essentially hostages to a morally and financially bankrupt gun lobby and the heartless, gutless politicians that they buy and own,” Reid said.

She also demonized Republicans by suggesting “their tolerance for blood” is bottomless and will therefore never be moved by the deaths of several children, echoing her fellow MSNBC colleague claiming that Republicans are now “the enemies.”

“So honestly, to hell with anybody who says don’t politicize this because these deaths, until we change, until we stop letting this minority of ghouls rule us, this is who we are,” Reid said.

MY TAKE: “Minority of ghouls”???  This woman is a sick horror show.

4 – Madman threatens NYC straphangers with switchblade, threatens to cut man’s head off: NYPD
The New York Post reports: The NYPD released subway surveillance video of a knife-wielding man who allegedly threatened straphangers over the weekend – telling one rider, “I’ll take your head off your f—–g neck!”

The frightening incident unfolded around 3:30 p.m. Sunday on a southbound No. 6 subway in the East 77th Street and Lexington Avenue station on the Upper East Side, cops said.

The armed suspect followed a 35-year-old into the crowded car and became irate as the train left the station, holding a switchblade in plain view, cops said.

“I’m not riding this train pressed up against this door,” the man with the knife yelled, as he repeatedly flicked the blade in and out in the victim’s direction. “I’ll take your head off your f—–g neck.”

When the southbound train arrived at the 68th Street/Lexington Avenue subway station, the suspect fled.

MY TAKE: American society is crumbling faster than a stack of dominoes.

5 – Dem-Appointed NY Judge Unravels Liberal Plot To Racialize School Admissions With Just Four Sentences
The Daily Caller reports: A New York judge tossed out a lawsuit Wednesday that alleged New York City schools’ Gifted and Talented programs created a racial caste system.

Integrate NYC along with 13 high school students brought the lawsuit against New York City in March 2021, seeking to eliminate the city’s Gifted and Talented programs as well as current middle high school admission screens, according to court documents. The lawsuit argued that the city’s Gifted and Talented programs were ” discriminatory gatekeeping mechanisms” and contributed to an “educational caste system.”

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Frank Nervo dismissed the lawsuit in a decision with a four-sentence ruling, stating that the petition wrongly sought the Court to create education policy.

“It is beyond cavil that the Court lacks jurisdiction to grant the relief sought and that the petition improperly seeks, inter alia, this Court to make educational policy by directing respondents take certain actions regarding curriculum content, testing content, employment diversity, employment policies, admission policies, and disciplinary policies, among others,” Nervo wrote.

“The petition improperly seeks this Court to make education policy and, therefore, presents a nonjusticiable controversy,” Nervo added.

Note: The plaintiffs intend to appeal the ruling, according to Mark Rosenbaum, a lawyer representing the plaintiffs.  He claimed, “Students of color and from low-income families in the New York City school system do not receive the same educational opportunities as their peers.”

MY TAKE: Dems’ solution for ‘equity’ is just tearing other people down.  Instead, they should be figuring out ways to teach and inspire those who are failing.

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  1. J Reid is one of the most disgusting, racist, lying po💩 on the planet. She thinks she’s intelligent and that’s laughable. Notice she never reports on her own culture UNLESS a white is involved, kinda paints the picture? Of course most of the pandering and patronizing trolls will typically ignore this. By the way dummy it’s not a Republican issue, you and your DEMONcrates are the issue, do some real research

  2. We need law and order back or this country won’t survive. The heck with Dems. They want lawlessness. Or else we need to separate from them.


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