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Today is August 5. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – McEnany calls out ‘Fancy Nancy’s life of privilege’ after new details emerge from Paul Pelosi DUI arrest
FOX NEWS reports: “Outnumbered” co-host Kayleigh McEnany criticized Nancy and Paul Pelosi Friday for their “life of privilege.” On “Outnumbered” Friday, McEnany pointed out developments in Paul Pelosi’s DUI arrest, arguing many Americans have “disdain” for what they see as special treatment for people in power.

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: We’ll see if the same holds true for fancy Nancy’s husband and I don’t mean the cartoon, which is really good if you have a child. But fancy Nancy … it is really interesting, their lifestyle. You’ve got this freezer with this very expensive, very good Jenny’s ice cream, and she’s on late-night TV parading it around.

Then you’ve got these very questionable financial dealings, and she essentially had to be railroaded into supporting the Stock Act that, like everyone in Congress supports. And then you have her sauntering into the hair salon on camera when no one else can get their hair done, and then this with their husband and the police privilege card, as I call it. This is a life of privilege. This is what it looks like and this is what Americans disdain. It’s not the wealth. It’s the using it in a way that is so hypocritical and completely counter to how the average American has to operate.


MY TAKE: Does anyone else get “wicked witch” vibes from Pelosi? I know I’m not alone, based on this tweet:

2 – Moment Georgia Southern graduate, 28, MOVES her leg for the first time in almost two months after being paralyzed having suffered three strokes and a heart attack following chiropractor’s visit
Daily Mail reports: A Georgia Southern graduate left paralyzed after a routine chiropractic neck adjustment is able to move her leg for the first time in nearly two months since the shocking incident.

Caitlin Jensen, 28, was hospitalized on June 16 after an appointment with Dr. TJ Harpham, 42, left her with four ruptured arteries that led to a stroke and three heart attacks.

‘At first, we weren’t sure if it was simply spasticity, but then she did it again. And again,’ Caitlin’s mother, Darlene shared in a video on Facebook on August 1.

Caitlin was only able to wiggle her toes and open her eyes after she became paralyzed after visiting Harpham to treat back pain.

Now after six weeks in hospital, Caitlin, who is being treated at Memorial Health University Center in Savannah, Georgia, can move her right leg, arm and hand.

MY TAKE: This is fantastic! I’ve been watching this story, horrified by what happened to her. Glad to see progress.

3 – Senate Democrats avoid COVID-19 testing ahead of key vote
Washington Examiner reports: Senate Democrats reportedly have an unspoken agreement to avoid testing for COVID-19 because their hopes of passing the Inflation Reduction Act depend on all 50 members being present in the chamber in the days ahead.

Senators have adopted the attitude that the COVID-19 testing protocols Democrats previously touted as necessary should not stand in the way of a major and much-needed legislative win, according to Puck News.

The departure from protocol has rankled some Republicans, who have been the target of Democratic attacks over what Democrats have characterized as an irresponsible approach to the virus.

“For two years, Democrats scolded Americans for ‘putting others at risk’ for not adhering to COVID protocols. But apparently ramming through taxes warrants breaking the rules,” a GOP Senate leadership aide told the Washington Examiner. “Total hypocrisy.”

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REPORT: Abducted girl chews through restraints after being kidnapped by illegal alien. Escape leads to discovery of two bodies

Listen to the latest daily DML podcasts below! Then please share. And if you have the DML NEWS APP, please tell people to download it today and help conservatives have a real voice.


  1. Unbelievable, they didn’t get tested so they’ll willingly spread virus so they can retain power.the enemy is internal – Democrats

    • Democrat party has reached a new low. They have no heart and no soul just like their perverted leader. As for Nancy. Her insider trading is obscene. Is there enough money or ice cream for this witch? Why do Americans put up with all these in your face law beakers. There isn’t a citizen on either side who doesn’t know Biden is a crook along with his son. Nancy and her husband are crooks too they have broken our laws and America looks like banana republic. We used to hold our heads high. Now we just look like a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. But, but, but if their 3xs vaxxed and boosted they should be ok right lol the dems are hypocrites . For them its do as I say not as I do. I tell them to stick it where the sun dont shine.

  3. So happy to hear Caitlin Jensen that she’s improving after such a horrible thing happening to her. No one deserves to go through that. Prayers this young lady and her family . If some of you have went on the daily mail site & read comments on there from dems you will see what a piece of crap people they are. Hope pelosi’s husband get his a$$ fried for what he did. Dims are the most disgusting people on the planet

  4. So glad to hear this young 28-year-old girl is improving. What an ordeal to go through! It’s scary to think this could happen to any one of us. Anytime you have a doctor appointment whether it be a “medical” doctor or a “holistic” doctor there is always risk. I have both kinds of doctors. I have been going to Chiropractors for years. They have always helped me, never hurt me. I swear by them! The one I have now is excellent! He was the very first Chiropractor I ever let adjust my neck after my car accident years ago. It took me awhile to build my trust in him, but, now I am never fearful that he will cause me to have ruptured arteries that could cause strokes which may lead to heart attacks. He is very careful, takes his time, waits for the correct moment to perform the adjustments. I can feel the hesitation in his hands if he’s not ready or thinks you are too tense. He will never adjust you if he’s not precise in his thinking! I think Chiropractors get a bad rap from the medical community and insurance companies. They go to school many years just like medical doctors do. There are many who are competent, help lots of people and are now starting to be recognized more by their peers. Dr. Oz promoted them on his show. Chiropractors will only take you so far, then, refer you for physical therapy if they cannot help you. In rare cases patients can suffer ruptures. A Hollywood Celebrity once blamed a Chiropractor for his stroke. I cannot remember the actors name. I can only testify to my own experiences that they have improved my range of motion in my neck and helped me with lower back pain. I would rather take my chances with a Chiropractor any day than to get “cut on” by a Medical doctor! I think everyone should have both. My 75 year old neighbor had his medical doctor operate on his leg to help him walk better. He now walks with a cane and part of his body is now paralyzed. They cut into a nerve! There are always “risks” no matter what kind of doctor you go to. I hope I never get hurt by either. I can only hope it never happens to me and I pray before any procedure. 🙏🏼

  5. I can’t help but ask if this young woman was jabbed. I have gone to chiropractors for years, and have never encountered this, not for myself, nor anyone I know. Seems suspicious.

  6. It took me a long time before I even thought about going to a chiropractor , when I messed up my back really bad, my doctor refused to operate because I could still move. Went to theaphy for months and none of it helped, broke down and saw a local chiropractor and felt the difference after the first visit. Two months later I was completely free of pain

    • I bet there will be zero amendments allowed at this kangaroo legislation. The Democrats know they have the upper hand. Republicans look like a school of fish caught in a whirl pool.


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