DMLNews Nightcap Briefing Fri. Mar 17: Trump releases video statement as DA threatens indictment, and more headlines….

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Today is March 17. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – Former President Donald Trump issues statement after news of possible indictment in New York
Fox News reports: The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has asked for a meeting with law enforcement ahead of a possible indictment of former President Donald Trump next week, according to a court source.

According to the source, the meeting was requested Thursday and hasn’t been set. The meeting is to “discuss logistics for some time next week, which would mean that they are anticipating an indictment next week,” the source familiar with the planning said.

NOTE: Trump released a video statement on Friday.

“They’re not coming after me. They’re coming after you. I’m just standing in their way, and I always will stand in their way!”


Meanwhile, Trump announced on Friday that he will hold a rally in Texas next Saturday, March 25.

ANNETA G: The attacks on this man are so appalling, I don’t even know where to start.  Please weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section at the end of this article.

2 – Private Christian School Pushes Book About Trans Child to Fourth-Graders
The Washington Free Beacon reports: A private Christian school in Virginia is pushing fourth-graders to read a controversial book about a boy who says he’s a girl and that includes explicit descriptions of children’s genitalia.

St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School, a private Episcopalian school in Alexandria, Va., that charges more than $39,000 in tuition, sent a book list this week to the parents of fourth-graders that includes the novel Melissa, according to emails reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. Written by “genderqueer” author Alex Gino, the book tells of a fourth-grade boy named George who believes he is a girl. The characters discuss genitalia, and the book includes graphic lines such as “what she has between her legs was nobody’s business but hers and her boyfriend.”

“She … tried not to think about what was between her legs, but there it was, bobbing in front of her,” one passage reads.

Melissa has been widely criticized since its release in 2015, facing criticism from parents who say the novel is inappropriate for young children. The book was originally titled George, but Gino changed the title to reflect the child protagonist’s trans name after facing backlash from activists.

The school’s reading list is the latest sign that the assignment of woke materials is not limited to public schools, and that religious schools are exposing young children to sexual and age-inappropriate content. Accrediting associations often push private schools to adopt the woke curriculum, the Washington Free Beacon reported in 2021.

NOTE: The school also proudly admitted on Twitter this week: “Author Paula Young Shelton visited 4th and 5th graders to share stories regarding civil rights, equity, and justice. She shared her memoir, “Child of the Civil Rights Movement” and her book written with her father, civil rights activist Andrew Young, “Just Like Jesse Owens.””

And…. they’re programming kids to propose new immigration laws:

ANNETA G:  So, not even private Christian schools are safe.  HOME SCHOOL!!

3 – These Delta pilots are father and son — flying has cemented their ‘incredibly special’ bond
Fox News reports: A father and son have a unique take on flying. Cole Kaynor, 30, is a first officer at Delta Air Lines. He’s also the son of Rich Kaynor, captain and managing director for Flight Training and Standards at Delta Air Lines.

The two have worked at the same company for just over a year, but their bond already has grown stronger through working at the same airline, they told Fox News Digital in a recent email interview.

Rich Kaynor, an Atlanta-based pilot, received his license in 1978 and worked for Northwest Airlines until 2009, when the company merged with Delta.

Cole Kaynor, a resident of Tacoma, Washington, recounted growing up with a father in aviation. He said that when his dad talked about his job, his father’s eyes “always lit up.”

In December 2023, Rich Kaynor will retire officially from Delta Air Lines after 14 years with the company.

ANNETA G:  Finally, some good news!

4 – VIDEOS OF THE DAY – Republicans are peeling the cover off the Biden family schemes!

5 – POLL RESULTS: Is Trump hurting his own support by attacking DeSantis?
We asked… here’s how you responded:

74% – Yes
20% – No
6% – Undecided

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  1. All the bad stuff going on in this country and yet they keep going after the guy that kept us safe, and absolutely worked hard for the people!!! They are obsessed! My dream is to see the Biden’s do a perp walk after being convicted and sentenced!

    • My “dream” is to see the people who are devoted to this corrupt family finally believe the truth not just the lies spewed out by the mainstream media. Too many people voting against righteousness in this country are clueless, almost catatonic when it comes to accepting the truth.

  2. DJ Trump has done so great for our country and foreign affairs. The best ever!! He truly cares about America and the people. The Dems/Libs can’t stand because he is not a politician/one of them! He is exposing all their secrets, lies and corruption. They have attacked him endlessly from day one! All of their attempts have not only failed, but has exposed them even more! We need to clean house on our government and all the corrupt weaponized FBI, CIA and DOJ! Trump is right we he says they’re after all of us but he is in the way!! God Bless and protect President Trump 🙏🏼❤️🇺🇸

  3. They had better get Biden for all his doings in destroying our Country. President Trump was doing a fantastic job in keeping us above the ceiling debt, safe, and the best leader after JFK.

  4. I’m just an average citizen but I predict a great civil unrest in this country if they hand down an indictment to President Trump! It will be one of the biggest mistakes that Biden and the Democrats make!
    I hope every citizen who values their freedom and liberty and the good, prosperous 4 years we had before that damned Biden took over, will show up and show Trump support!
    This country is in moral decay under Biden and the woke idiots he’s appointed to his cabinet. We must get our country back before it’s too late!

  5. You know the left would have had better luck keeping Trump out of White House if they would have stopped attacking him. I’m so sick of all this I will definitely vote for him. The democrats don’t care what we the people want, they just are so afraid of Trump they will stop at nothing including making stuff up! They get away with everything including murder and no one pays. Hillary Clinton should be under the jailhouse!! Bidens should be there with her, the whole Biden family!

  6. Donald Trump is MY president too. I’m so sick of the hate at this man … they are afraid of him bc he cannot be bought. However, I don’t know why we can’t have Trump and a leader. We should be able to get both. His rhetoric and his tweets are what kept the left stirred up. I just wish he would use a little discretion. Trump 2024

    • If Trump used discretion, we wouldn’t have found out about all of the corruption. In the end, it doesn’t matter about the name calling. It’s matters about exposing the truth about the corruption in our government!

  7. If Trump isn’t on voter ticket I will write him on it. He has and will always be my President. I want him to make America Great Again. Demonrats stop trying to flush Republicans down the toilet. We will overcome as we are the same people who remember a time of sanity and no woke shit!

  8. The only way I see us getting past the corruption is by We the People, as stated in the constitution, take the power away from those who wish to destroy this country and start our own justice system with new courts and lawyers who actually follow the constitution, then arrest everyone who has instigated corruption, cooperated with it, and turned a blind eye to it. The swamp is not going to go away unless we pull them out from underneath the rocks and find new homes for them in prisons. One man cannot do it alone, and he certainly can’t do it when everyone is trying to take him down. Trump has faced over 100 assassination attempts, which we will never hear about in the news. The immorality in this country is sinking us faster than a ship with holes. God has to be the center of our country again and we need to demand one nation again where everyone is American. Get rid of everything that divides the ONE – like all the special months for every group of people except AMERICANS. This is all communistic playbook efforts to end the U.S. We have been infiltrated. We have to get rid of the rats. We have to get back to God. We have to reestablish morality.


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