DMLNews Nightcap Briefing Mon. Jan. 30: Americans identify worst problem in US; Biden repeats debunked claim; University ditches two holidays; more…

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Today is January 30. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – Americans name the US’ worst problem — and it’s not inflation or immigration
The New York Post reports: Americans now say that a lack of leadership from President Biden and the Congress is the country’s biggest problem — outpacing inflation, ​the immigration crisis and the state of the economy, according to a poll released on Monday. ​

Despite Americans getting socked in the wallet, “the government/poor leadership” took over the No. 1 spot from inflation over the past year, with 21% of Americans naming it as the “most important problem facing this country today​” compared to the 15% who said so last year, a Gallup Poll found.

​Inflation and the economy ​came in last year as the top two issues — tied at 16% each — followed by the government (15%), immigration (8%) and unifying the country (6%). ​

Over the past year, Americans’ concerns with the economy fell 6 percentage points to 10%, ​inflation fell one point to 15%, and immigration rose 3 points to 11%.

ANNETA G: I agree with this – if America had the right leadership at the helm, the leaders would address and SOLVE all the other problems.  We’re in trouble.

2 – Off the rails: Biden repeats debunked claim about dead Amtrak conductor
The Washington Examiner reports: President Joe Biden repeated a widely debunked story on Monday about a conversation he had with an Amtrak conductor as vice president.

He said that one of the conductors added up the number of miles he traveled on Amtrak, a story that has been debunked, given that the conductor in question reportedly retired in 1993, per the RNC Research account on Twitter.

The conductor in question, Angelo Negri, was a friend of the president. However, he died in May 2014 and retired over two decades ago, long before Biden became vice president in 2008 under former President Barack Obama.

“One of the conductors said to me, ‘Hey Joe, big deal. … You’ve traveled over a million miles on Amtrak,'” Biden said. “And I said, ‘How the hell do you know that?’ And they calculated it right there.”

ANNETA G: Lying seems to be the one thing Biden does best.

3 – Christmas, Easter removed from university’s academic calendar
Fox News reports: The London School of Economics in the U.K. is removing historical Christian terms from its academic calendar in an attempt to better reflect its “international” character.

LSE is stripping Michaelmas, Christmas, Lent and Easter as the names for its terms and breaks, which are being renamed next year as “autumn term,” “winter break,” “winter term” and “spring break,” respectively, according to The Telegraph.

“These new names use more accessible and widely-recognized terminology, and better reflect the international nature of our community and our broader global engagement,” the school said in a statement. Many British universities have traditionally named their academic terms after Christian holidays.

Toby Young, general secretary of the Free Speech Union, blasted LSE for its decision, according to LBC.

“If this was an effort to secularize the LSE I’d be sympathetic,” he said. “But in reality, it reflects the fact that the LSE, like most British universities, is in thrall to a new religious cult — the church of woke — that is far more dogmatic than Christianity.”

Simon Calvert, who serves as deputy director at The Christian Institute, echoed Young, telling The Telegraph: “We have been warning for years that Christians are being pushed from the public square, yet the problem is getting worse.”

ANNETA G: One way to lose the war against evil is for good people to just sit back and do nothing.  The anti-Christian agenda is spreading fast and furious.


5 – POLL RESULTS: Should DML sue over being falsely listed on the Hamilton 68 list?
On Friday, journalist Matt Taibbi released the latest edition of the “Twitter Files,” uncovering perhaps one of the most disturbing assaults yet against innocent American citizens and conservative influencers. The Hamilton 68 “dashboard” included a list of about 600 people who they claimed were “Russian bots” or affiliated with Russia in some way, including DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch.

In reality, those included on the liberal think-tank’s list were just ordinary American patriots, along with some Canadian and British citizens… all of whom had no idea they had been placed on the salacious list and were being censored under the false allegation that they were colluding with Russia.

We asked yesterday if DML should sue over being falsely listed on the Hamilton 68 “Russian bot” list, and you responded in overwhelming numbers!

  • 89.66% – Yes
  •  5.71% – No
  • 4.63% – Undecided

TODAY’S POLL:  Is Whoopi Goldberg a racist?  CLICK HERE to take the poll.

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  1. Removing Christian named holidays on calendars is just the next step to adding strictly Muslim named holidays and nothing else. Slow steady creep of Muslim domination globally.

  2. So, Americans equate The Demented One with The Congressional Loony-20.
    A precise presumption.
    It confirms what I have said many times to DML. When you take a communist and a take a fascist to their extreme ideologies, one looks no different than the other. They operate in the same manner. It is called the Boomerang Effect


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