DMLNews Nightcap Briefing Mon. Nov. 21: Abbott ramps up efforts at border, former presidential candidate apologizes to China, and more…

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Today is November 21. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – Abbott sending tank-like vehicles to Mexico border amid ‘invasion’
The Washington Examiner reports: Fresh off declaring an “invasion” at the Texas-Mexico border, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s administration has directed the state’s military to send tank-like military vehicles to 10 spots on the international boundary, the Washington Examiner has learned.

The Texas National Guard will deploy 10 M113 Armored Personnel Carriers to the southern border in the coming days, the Texas Military Department told the Washington Examiner on Monday.

The state will also boost aircraft flights over certain regions, though the department did not specify in its Nov. 17 internal announcement how many flights or helicopters may be sent down.

The tank-like vehicles are primarily used to transport troops safely into dangerous areas or places with rough terrain that vehicles cannot get through. These armored vehicles were originally used during the Vietnam War and are bulletproof and can weather minor explosions outside.

A report by the Texas Tribune and Army Times stated that roughly 50 soldiers will be trained in how to operate the Armored Personnel Carriers and sent down south with them.

ANNETA G.: In my humble opinion, they need a whole lot more than 10 of these personnel carriers to protect the border. However, none of this is going to do any good at all as long as Biden and the Democrats keep dangling their amnesty carrot. The avalanche is coming.

2 – Michael Bloomberg Apologizes to China
The Free Beacon reports:Michael Bloomberg, who leads the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Board, apologized to attendees of his annual economic forum after former British prime minister Boris Johnson called the Chinese government a “coercive autocracy.”

Bloomberg on Thursday said that Johnson’s remarks were “his thoughts and his thoughts alone” and were not cleared with him personally. “Some may have been insulted or offended last night by parts of the speaker’s remarks referencing certain countries and their duly elected leaders,” the former New York City mayor told the crowd at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore. “To those of you who were upset and concerned by what the speaker said, you have my apologies.” Johnson had referred to China and Russia as “two former communist tyrannies in which power has once again been concentrated in the hands of a single ruler” in a blistering speech to an audience that included China’s vice president and Chinese business leaders.

Bloomberg has long defended the Chinese government, but his apology takes on new significance given his position as an adviser to President Joe Biden’s Defense Department. As chairman of the Defense Innovation Board, Bloomberg advises the secretary of defense and other Pentagon leaders on “emerging technologies and innovative approaches that [the Defense Department] should adopt to ensure U.S. technological and military dominance.”

During his opening address at the forum, Bloomberg praised Chinese vice president Wang Qishan as a “troubleshooter,” “problem solver,” and “longtime friend.”

ANNETA G: He apologized to China?! I find this totally APPALLING… and he wanted to be PRESIDENT!  What do you think?

3 – Biden’s ‘pandemic is over’ comment comes back to haunt him as he seeks $10B in new COVID funding
Fox News reports: Key Republicans in the House and Senate are signaling opposition to President Biden’s request for another $10 billion in funding to battle COVID, a request Biden made two months after he declared “the pandemic is over.”

The White House said this week that while COVID is “no longer the disruptive force it was” a few years ago, new subvariants of the virus are still a threat. Its letter to outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said additional funding is needed to help the U.S. “stay prepared in the face of an unpredictable virus.”

“That is why we are requesting funding to help prepare for a possible winter surge, smooth the path to commercialization for vaccines and therapeutics, accelerate research and treatment for long COVID, and develop next-generation vaccines and treatments,” the White House Office of Management and Budget wrote to Pelosi. The White House wants $9 billion to fight COVID domestically and another $1 billion to help other countries keep COVID at bay.

But after trillions of dollars of spending on emergency COVID relief that many blame for high inflation, Republicans are saying enough is enough.

ANNETA G: Democrats NEVER want this to end. And if that isn’t bad enough, check this out:

BONUS VIDEO – Here’s the latest from the Libs of TikTok looney bin – and it’s a doozy!  This woke garbage is literally turning young people INSANE!

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  1. Bloomberg he is. F-n idiot. Why would anyone in their right mind apologize to China? All of our politicians are in China’s back pocket and taking payouts from them. They should be shot for treason!!

  2. Except for Gov. Abbot ( which I agree with Annetta on he needs loads more) and the republicans finally bucking on more spending we don’t) the rest of this is all a crock of crap. I can’t believe people have got so stupid. Can you imagine anyone else apologizing to a enemy? But when you are in bed with them you do apparently.

  3. Fuck Bloomberg he had no right to apologize to China and why he did it because the Joe Biden and Hunter got lots of money from them and he Biden still wants ten billions dollars to cover the covid that’s bullshit because he will keep a lot of that money for them. It is time to impeach biden and have him removed from office because he is still ruining our country USA worse. Go to hell Biden and I pray to God that he will be impeached just like they did to Trump. And trump was the best President ever and he took care of our country USA

  4. As for the person that doesn’t identify as a human or just maybe a piece of grass. How about we mow over you and dispose of you in a lawn trash bag. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Americans come last in the world.

    I got a census that is requesting Apparently the census I got to fill out on line was legit. Just got written and asking for:
    Cost of electricity, water, sewer
    Real estate taxes
    Annual insurance premium
    Mortgage amount per month
    Va service connected disability
    Work last week and how long to get there
    Income for past 12 months
    Interest dividends
    Retirement income, pensions
    Income from welfare
    Va payments
    Total income together for last 12 months
    How you access internet
    If you own computers
    How many automobiles
    How much you think your house is worth

    This listing is for every adult living in the house

    Little too personal for a census for me

    Can’t help but think the government is digging for personal info for another reason

    • Shred it, trash it, or put in same envelope marked “return to sender”. I just got one for my husband’s health information. Screw that. He opened it, used the return envelope and put a note inside, “I do not participate in surveys”. I worked for Census in 2010. It is none of their business on most every question. Census is about headcount and how many people live at a specific residence. I don’t see why they would need any of those questions answered. They won’t get them from me. Shredded immediately.

  6. Maybe if they closed the border, we wouldn’t have these variants. Idiots. And Bloomberg is taking lessons from Obama’s apology tour. Commies!!! Lastly, these kids from the Libs of Tik Tok need mental health stat!!Stat!!!

    Great job Anetta!!


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