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Today is August 4. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – Lightning strikes near White House, four in critical condition
The Washington Examiner reports: Multiple people were injured in an apparent lightning strike just outside the White House on Thursday.

Four people, all in critical condition, are being treated and transported to a hospital after the bolt hit somewhere in Lafayette Park, DC Fire and EMS reported in a tweet.

A large presence of police and emergency vehicles were seen on Pennsylvania Avenue on north side of the White House. The street separate the White House grounds and Lafayette Park.

MY TAKE: This looks serious!  We’ll provide more details as they come in.

2 – Whistleblower: Nearly 400 Afghans Listed as ‘Potential Threats’ Resettled Across U.S. by Biden’s Agencies
Breitbart reports: President Joe Biden’s federal agencies knowingly resettled almost 400 Afghans listed as “potential threats to national security” across the United States over the last year, a whistleblower alleges.

Following the U.S. Armed Forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, Biden opened a refugee and parole pipeline for tens of thousands of Afghans to be flown quickly into American communities without being screened or interviewed in person beforehand.

With the help of Republicans and Democrats in Congress, Biden has resettled more than 85,000 Afghans across 46 states since mid-August 2021 and plans to continue resettling tens of thousands of Afghans this year.

Now a whistleblower has come forward to allege that Biden’s agencies not only admitted to the U.S. hundreds of Afghans they knew were listed in federal “watch list” databases as national security threats, but also urged staff to cut corners in the vetting process.

The allegations were revealed in a letter from Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) to the Department of Defense Inspector General. They wrote:

We write to you with concern over new allegations raised by a Department of Defense (DoD) whistleblower. This information may show the Biden Administration’s failure to vet those evacuated from Afghanistan was even worse than the public was led to believe. The following allegations demand an immediate investigation by your office. [Emphasis added]

Project Veritas also recently dropped a bombshell report which alleges that the Biden administration resettled Afghans listed on the federal government’s “Terrorism Watch List” across America.

MY TAKE: Is Joe Biden and his team INTENTIONALLY trying to destroy America?  It sure looks like it! Just IMAGINE what they would say if Trump had done this!

3 – Hundreds of economists warn America at ‘dangerous crossroads’ over Democrat’s spending bill
Fox Business reports: A letter sent to House and Senate leadership from 230 economists argues that the Infrastructure Reduction Act is expected to contribute to skyrocketing inflation and will burden the U.S. economy, contrary to President Biden and Democrats’ claims.

The economists wrote in the letter first obtained by Fox News Digital that the U.S. economy is at a “dangerous crossroads” and the “inaptly named ‘Inflation Reduction Act of 2022’ would do nothing of the sort and instead would perpetuate the same fiscal policy errors that have helped precipitate the current troubling economic climate.”

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., announced last week he reached an agreement with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., on the $739 billion reconciliation package after more than a year of negotiations among Democrats.

The economic experts point to the $433 billion in proposed government spending, which they argue “would create immediate inflationary pressures by boosting demand, while the supply-side tax hikes would constrain supply by discouraging investment and draining the private sector of much-needed resources.”

They also write that of “particular concern” is the corporate minimum tax that they say will undercut efforts to restore functioning supply chains.

In addition, the bill’s prescription drug provisions “would impose price controls that threaten healthcare innovation, creating a human health toll that would add to the financial woes that Americans are already experiencing.”

MY TAKE: Democrats are destroying everything they touch. Republicans MUST get serious and take back the Senate and the House in November…. before it’s forever too late.


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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT…. Gov. Ron DeSantis just suspended a radical Soros-backed state attorney today:

BREAKING: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis makes BIG announcement about liberal state attorney Andrew Warren



  1. I’m wondering why CA got left out of the list for the re-settlement of Afghans??
    I don’t know maybe, we dodged a bullet there!?!

  2. The founder of the DHS knew what Obama was doing.Obama’s plan began with eradicating Philip Haney’s database of Islamic terrorists, donors , suppliers . Decades of intense research by this expert on islamic culture , Arabic language, and terrorist organizations intended to keep a watchful eye on the almost sole perpetrators of terror and exporters of death world wide.
    Well , Mr. Haney was going further and going to expose this horrific strategy, about the same time Covid-19 was creeping into our midst and he was “ extrajudicially executed “ on a lonely and remote stretch of California highway . A Clintonesque attempt to simulate suicide on a man with a mission to perform to protect his America- a mission he never failed at before. Philip Haney died on the cusp of relating this treachery to all of us.
    And here it is. Unbelievable as it may be , they have intentionally imported tens of thousands of extremists awaiting orders to commit terrorism , rain death and suffering , and unleash the hounds of hell against us all. God have Mercy on us all.
    Those who are behind the planned murders of Americans and American herself should face arrest , trial and speedy conviction for high treason. Should. But Who’s left to defend us when our leaders have done this, and have infiltrated so many levels of the government, weakened our military, demoralized our police.
    We are.

  3. The “parent” who is all for his child transistioning will answer to God, when he is before Him on THAT DAY. Unless he repents before than, he is headed to hell, as are many others. So don’t be concerned if the wacky people don’t get what’s Due Them Now.


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