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Today is July 5. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – Couple fined $1,500 for parking in own driveway
ABC News reports: For decades, Judy and Ed Craine parked their car in the driveway in front of their San Francisco home. Parking in the Golden City can be tricky with its steep hills and busy streets, and the Craines say they were lucky to have a spot that’s all their own for the past 36 years.

That is, until they received a $1,542 fine for parking on their own property — with the threat of a $250-per-day fee if they didn’t get the car off their carpad.

The Craines told ABC-affiliate KGO-TV that the San Francisco Planning Department is enforcing a decades-old section of code that bans motor vehicles of all kinds from being parked on a carpad or setback in front of a house unless it’s accompanied by a garage or cover.

“I wrote them back saying I thought this was a mistake,” Judy Craine said.

Added Ed Craine: “To all of a sudden to be told you can’t use something that we could use for years, it’s startling. Inexplicable.”

MY TAKE: Well, according to the San Francisco Planning Department, the Craines did violate a city code that’s decades old. They rescinded the fine, but the couple had to prove the area has historically been used as a parking spot. It’s all a little upsetting for the Craines, and you have to imagine San Francisco planners have some other more serious issues to worry about, but rules are rules.

2 – Tom Hanks was confused by Disney replacing Tim Allen with Chris Evans in ‘Lightyear’: ‘I don’t understand’
Fox News reports: Tom Hanks admitted he was confused by Disney’s decision to replace Tim Allen with Chris Evans in the new “Lightyear” film about Allen’s fictional “Toy Story” character, Buzz Lightyear.

The 65-year-old actor was asked if it was “strange to be in theaters opposite a Buzz Lightyear film” as his “Elvis” flick rolled through cinemas at the same time.

“How about that? Actually, I wanted to go head-to-head with Tim Allen, and then they didn’t let Tim Allen do it,” he told CinemaBlend. “I don’t understand that.”

When further asked about the studio’s decision to bring in Evans instead of Allen, Hanks added: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.”

“Here’s the thing — just as long as people come back to the motion picture theater. I want to go back in the theater with a bunch of strangers and leave with something in common. That’s what I want to do and, going to see a movie with him [Allen] — I’m looking forward to that.”

MY TAKE: Disney makes bad decisions. Period. Tim Allen is better off shaking the dust from his sandals and never looking back. Unless and until there is new leadership without the crazy. As to liberal-leaning Tom finding his voice on this issue, it’s too little. Imagine the uproar if he had been replaced in a Woody spinoff. Confusing? No. It would be far more upsetting than a little bewilderment.

3 – ‘I hope someone kills your nasty mom and wife’: GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger releases death threats
Daily Mail reports: Rep. Adam Kinzinger on Tuesday released audio of graphic threats made against him, his family, and fellow Republican lawmaker Rep. Liz Cheney.

‘Threats of violence over politics has increased heavily in the last few years. But the darkness has reached new lows. My new interns made this compilation of recent calls they’ve received while serving in my DC office,’ the Illinois Republican wrote on Twitter.

Roughly three minutes’ worth of call recordings feature people assailing Kinzinger with profane insults and vowing, ‘we will come to your house.’

MY TAKE: This is not productive.

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  1. Gee….now that Adam is getting threats, along with Lizzy Borden up there, it’s an issue….might wanna ask Steve Scalese how he feels an out the issue. Hanks: idiot. And the Craines? When did they make those rules? They’ve lived there for 36 yrs! San Fran sucks. I used to live up in that area. It’s a cesspool now….literally, with crap and pee everywhere!

  2. San Fran is a 💩hole, but they’d rather harass long time citizens for bs. It’s a law, I get it, but you know full well some high to do gay person got bent out of shape and complained about the unfairity of it.
    As for Kiz..and Liz.. it’s awful, if it’s true. They both are pathological liars, difficult to believe it’s not made up nonsense.

    • I understand they are going to change the name of San Francisco to Pelosiville, or Nancyville. Hasn’t been decided yet.

  3. Wow…really???…death threats???…of that entire 3:20 of so called death threats, I think there was actually one threat in there…the rest were just telling him how awful he is…calling someone a piece of shit is not a threat…neither is what they wish God wud do to them…might b in poor taste but still not a threat…maybe if u actually did the job u were elected to do this wudnt be happening???…just a thought

  4. Let’s also be reminded about the threats from that Dirtbag K U N T maxine waters. What a despicable skank. Cannot stand to look at that FUGLY lowlife.

  5. Hey if Justice Kavanaugh or Thomas can have them outside their homrs saying this and nothing os done. Then Kinzinger and Cheney should get the same treatment. Freedom of speech.


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