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Today is August 2. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1A – China retaliates economically against Taiwan over Pelosi visit
Fox Business reports: The People’s Republic of China has halted imports from Taiwanese snack and confection manufacturers ahead of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s planned visit to the island.

China has suspended imports from Taiwanese companies producing pastries, baked goods and sweets in what appears to be a retaliatory policy meant to put pressure on the island.

“The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Council of Agriculture are currently aware of [the import ban],” said the Taiwanese Bureau of Foreign Trade on Tuesday, according to the South China Morning Post.

The ban was implemented Monday night, according to Taiwanese news outlets, not long after Pelosi’s arrival in Asia.

1B – Pelosi sleeps under armed guard at Grand Hyatt protected by WALL of Taiwanese police as furious China vents at Biden for ‘indulging and colluding’ with her over trip to the democratic island
The Daily Mail reports: Pelosi’s Air Force plane – with its distinctive blue and white colors and American flag on the tail – touched down in Taipei at 10:45 pm local time.

Her visit makes her the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit the island in 25 years.

Security is tight as all sides ramped up their military presence. Biden’s had a prickly relationship with China since he entered the White House but as tensions between Washington D.C. and Beijing have escalated since there were reports Pelosi would drop by the island.

The speaker’s hotel in Taipei was surrounded by security as China backed up their warnings with a show of force, including live-fire drills.

MY TAKE: Watch Sen. Kennedy’s remarks above – he says, “This entire exercise began with Speaker Pelosi’s ego.”    AMEN.  Pelosi’s stunt has just cost American taxpayers a bundle of money and created a major mess – both for the US and Taiwan.

2 – Rudy Giuliani sued by ex-wife: Pay me $260K or go to prison
Page Six reports: Rudy Giuliani, already suffering under a mountain of legal issues, can add another to the heap.

He’s being sued by his ex-wife who wants him to cough up more than a quarter of a million dollars, or go to prison.

In new court papers filed Tuesday in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Judith Giuliani claims that the former mayor and one-time personal attorney to Donald Trump is in contempt of court for allegedly withholding $262,000 he should have paid her under the terms of their divorce settlement for things like their Palm Beach, Fla., house, housekeeper and private club fees.

In a sworn affidavit, Judith accuses Rudy of owing her $140,000 for their South Lake Drive, Palm Beach, property alone. The lux condo was listed on the market in 2019 for $3.3 million. It didn’t sell, but Judith claims in the documents that Rudy “is required to pay me $200,000 regardless of whether or not the property has been sold” per the divorce agreement, and she claims that he’s only given her $60,000.

MY TAKE:  Wow! Sounds like it’s complicated!

3 – Biden symptomatic again with COVID-19 rebound infection
The Washington Examiner reports: President Joe Biden’s cough has returned as he recovers from a rebound COVID-19 infection, according to the White House.

“The president continues to feel well, though he is experiencing a bit of a return of a loose cough,” Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s personal physician, wrote Tuesday. “He remains fever-free and in good spirits.”

O’Connor’s Tuesday note clears up the confusion caused by contradictions between his Monday morning letter and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s briefing that afternoon. Jean-Pierre mentioned O’Connor saying Biden had “no reoccurring symptoms,” but then went on to refer to “lingering” side effects.

“As we know, when all of us have had COVID, you do have a little bit of a lingering cough, right? You do have a little bit of maybe a lingering sniffles,” she said. “That’s not uncommon to have. And so that’s what we are talking about.”

She added: “You all have known him for some time and covered him — he tends to have a dry cough. That is not unusual. So that is what I’m talking about. He tends to have a dry cough, which you all have heard before.”

MY TAKE: Looks like that vax didn’t work so well.  Maybe Biden should’ve been taking DML CBD!

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