DMLNews Nightcap Briefing Wed. May 31: Disturbing details about baby’s death, professor unleashes on ‘Marxist’ faculty, poll results, more!

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Today is May 31. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – Parents of infant dumped in NYC dressed the dead girl to sneak her out of shelter in stroller: prosecutors
NY Post reports: The parents of the 3-month-old girl dumped in trash-strewn woods near Yankee Stadium dressed the dead infant in a hat and onesie and put her in a stroller — so they could sneak her body out of their Bronx shelter without raising alarms, prosecutors alleged Wednesday.

The shocking new details emerged as dad Damion Comager, 23, was arraigned in Bronx Criminal Court on charges of murder, manslaughter and concealment of a human corpse in the gristly death of his daughter Genevieve Rozzlyn Comager.

Comager is accused of shaking the infant before he and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Ivana Paolozzi, allegedly dumped her remains in a wooded area on the side of the Major Deegan Expressway, where she was found Sunday night.

“Both defendants changed her diaper, placed her in a onesie and a hat, wrapped her in a blanket, and placed her in the stroller,” Assistant District Attorney Serena Newell said in court.

The prosecutor said surveillance video captured the gory stroll.

“The defendant pushed that stroller containing Genevieve’s corpse out of the shelter where they were living,” Newell continued, “successfully prompting no inspection or questions from the shelter staff.”

Kat L: Incredibly disturbing and so very sad. As a parent, I can’t imagine the mental and emotional disconnect these parents would have to have had. Sick. Sick.

2 – ‘The whole place is run by far left lunatics!’ CUNY professor unleashes on ‘Marxist’ faculty which allowed law graduate’s shocking commencement remarks
The Daily Mail reports: A CUNY Law professor who has previously complained about the university’s alleged anti-Semitism says the entire place is being run by a faculty of ‘far left, Marxist lunatics.’

The comments come after a shocking commencement speech on May 12 by pro-Palestine law graduate Fatima Mousa Mohammed, who accused Israelis of ‘settler colonialism’ and called for ‘rage’ to tackle the ‘fascist NYPD’.

It was the second year in a row the school – one of the largest in New York City, which receives more than half its funding from government – allowed such pro-Palestine, anti-Israel remarks at the graduation ceremony.

CUNY’s Board of Trustees finally denounced the speech today in a statement after growing calls for the school to lose its funding.

‘Free speech is precious, but often messy, and is vital to the foundation of higher education. Hate speech, however, should not be confused with free speech and has no place on our campuses or in our city, our state or our nation.

Kat L: Messy? The speech was disgusting. I would never want my kids at that university. Ever.

3 – Big Tech Corporations Continue Hiring Foreign H-1B Visa Workers After Mass Layoffs of Americans
Breitbart reported: The nation’s biggest tech conglomerates continued hiring foreign workers through the H-1B visa program, even as they carried out mass layoffs of American employees, investigative reporter Lee Fang details.

Since the start of the year, hundreds of thousands of Americans in tech jobs have been laid off, with about 12,000 cut at Google, 10,000 out at Microsoft, close to 20,000 laid off at Amazon, and 10,000 cut from Meta Platforms which owns Facebook and Instagram.

Just weeks after announcing such layoffs, though, the same tech corporations continued hiring foreign workers on the H-1B visa program — known as the “outsourcing visa” to many Americans.

Lee Fang reports:

Google filed dozens of applications for foreign workers to serve as software engineers, analytical consultants, user experience researchers, and other roles. Waymo, the self-driving car company owned by Google, also filed and received visa applications for engineering jobs. Many of the Google visas are for new employees, with some starting as soon as August 17th.

Newly disclosed data released yesterday by the Department of Labor shows thousands of recent H1-B foreign worker visas requested by firms that just underwent massive layoffs this year, including Facebook/Meta Platforms, Amazon, Zoom, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Palantir.

Kat L: Selling out Americans to save a buck. Major reforms are needed here.

4 – Country music star Zach Bryan issues warning to fans after kicking woman out of his concert
Fox News reports: Country music star Zach Bryan explained why he had a fan kicked out of his concert in Albany, New York.

Bryan, 27, was walking through the crowd, followed by security, when a fan attempted to grab his guitar out of his hands. The “Something in the Orange” singer can be heard saying, “Hey, get her out of here,” to his security team.

“I give J-45’s out at a lot of concerts. The one in my hands when this happened was mine, my sweet ol’ gal, we’ve been everywhere together and written every song in the last few years together,” Bryan later explained on Twitter.

“Took it personal, but nothing against whoever wound up getting kicked out.”

He later gave a warning to fans for the future.

“I don’t mind people being respectful and trying to touch me or the guitar, but if you try to rip it out of my hands I promise I’ll rip you out of whatever venue we’re at, respectfully, of course,” Bryan tweeted.

Kat L: I can’t blame him. Some people have no respect!

5 – POLL RESULTS: Who had the better Memorial Day message? Trump or DeSantis: On Tuesday, we asked you who, between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump who had a better Memorial Day message?

You said it was Trump. Here are the results:

Donald Trump 72.48%
Ron DeSantis 22.14%
Undecided 5.38%

Today’s poll asks, “Who handled COVID better in their state” between DeSantis and former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Please follow the link and tell us what you think.

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