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Written by DML
If I had a photo of the Taliban taking a dump on Biden’s photo, I would have posted it.  But maybe things will change by the end of the week.  Stay tuned.  Until I get that photo I will leave you with the ones below.  I recently posted them to Instagram/DennisMichaelLynch.  I hope you’ll give me a follow.

Photo 1: DML and Brian Kilmeade
The photo was taken back in 2010.  I held a big party in New York City on Halloween.  Brian Kilmeade is the co-host of Fox & Friends.  He used to be my neighbor.  The photo was taken at the end of the evening as we waited for our bus back to Long Island.  Photo credit: Ellen Donohue

Photo 2: Tom the Protester.
A few days ago I saw my pal Tom standing at the corner of 7 Eleven protesting against the Biden administration’s open borders policy. I took the photo while driving my car. I was stopped at the light, honked the horn, and Tom came over with his signs.

Photo 3: DML with TeamDML member Amy and Laurie

I don’t know who took this photo, but it was taken in Jupiter, Florida two years ago. I gave a speech to a Tea Party, standing room only. My two pals and I had a great evening.

Photo 4: DML in Texas during They Come to America 2
This photo was taken by my cameraman Rory MacNish. The photo was used as a promotional shot for my film on immigration. The year was 2012.

Photo 5: DML and family in Florida (Disney)

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  1. I remember you in camouflage in They Come to America 2. I thought you looked like a tough soldier. I have all 4 DVDs of They Come to America and bought extras to share with friends & family. Looking forward to the 5th!


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