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Written by DML
I hate social media.  I also hate traffic.  But I can’t avoid either one if I want to move forward.

In the same way there’s no way around bumper to bumper traffic when traveling on one-lane highways, there is no way to get a message out to the masses without social media.  Therefore, in the same way I have to set my mind to accept traffic jams when they happen, I have to set my mind to accept the truth needs me because it is under assault on social media.

I have thought about quitting social media countless times.  But in the end I always come away recognizing the facts are what they are today.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are arguably the biggest social media outlets.  I will not participate with them all, I just do not have the time.  But I have to partake in some, or so I am told by my team.  To date, Facebook has been my go-to platform solely because it offers me the ability to do LIVE videos.  I haven’t done a Facebook LIVE in months.  My last was on Memorial Day.  But I plan to resume my Walk & Talks when I return to Florida in August.

As for posting the DML NEWS APP feed to Facebook, it’s a total waste of time.  No matter how hard we try Facebook will somehow limit our reach.  Therefore, I don’t post our links to Facebook like we once did.  At best we post one or two each day.  Instead of relying on Facebook, I’m making the investment in the DML NEWS APP.  But my team says we need to do more, so I have agreed to try something new.

With the above in mind, my team wants me to try Instagram knowing I am anti-YouTube and anti-Twitter.  For the most part, Instagram is a photo sharing social media hub.  So, my new initiative is to build the Dennis Michael Lynch Instagram page, which is

On most days I will be posting one photo to Instagram.  The photo will be accompanied by a message that ties in with my go-to term, The Great American Experience.  The message will either be positive, insightful or thought provoking.  Yes, it may point the finger at someone or something, but I will stay away from the vicious hating and overly negative commentary that dominates the internet.

Although I’ve had an Instagram page for more than a year, I barely used it.  That was until a few days ago when I started this new initiative.   I will try to post something new every day.  The messages should be shared, especially with youngsters.  I need you to do your part.  Go follow me on Instagram now, and tell your kids to do the same.

For those of you who won’t use Instagram no matter how nice I ask, you will not miss the photo of the day for as long as you use the DML NEWS APP.  Going forward, my team will write a short article here on the DML NEWS APP and explaining the photo, when it was taken, where it was taken, and the message I am trying to convey.  We hope you will share the post, we hope you will follow us on Instagram.

Below are 3 of my most recent posts and a short explanation of each.

1. The importance of parenting your sons.
The photo is of my sons Dennis Jr and Ryan, I am standing in the middle.  It was taken a few months ago in Florida.  My boys are awesome — I am super proud of them.  I raised them to be real men.  I spent time coaching their teams, enforcing discipline at home, caring about their grades, and showing love via hugs, kisses, and positive messages.  And although they went to liberal colleges, Mary and I did not allow the indoctrination to take place.  Despite having some professors that are best described as Socialists and Marxists, our boys know the difference between right and wrong, they respect the flag, they respect their elders and women, and they add value to the community.  They work hard; they showcase manners at all times, and I believe they will be great husbands and fathers when the time comes.

2.The importance of learning a trade
Although my kids went to college, it was a total waste of money when measuring what they were taught versus what they do for a living. My kids are entrepreneurs, but nothing in the college curriculum taught them about owning and operating a business. They learned that from me.  And so if I could do it again I would beg my kids to skip college and go straight into owning a business. I would have preferred investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into their businesses instead of handing the money over to pay tuition. With that said, not everyone has the access to money or know-how needed to launch a company at 19-years-old. Therefore, I emphasize the importance of trade schools.

The photo below was taken last week. I found my old license plate in a box stored away in the basement. Amid a time when universities are going totally radical, I thought the NOCOLEGE sign on the Mercedes was a great message to display for youngsters.

3. Censorship and the conservative movement

The photo is from 2014. The article appeared in Townhall Magazine. Back in “those days”, conservative filmmakers like me were being silenced by Hollywood, film festivals, cable TV, and movie theaters. But I found other outlets.  No, I did not get the sort of distribution that I would had I been born Michael Moore, but I fought like hell to find other venues.  Today, we conservatives are still silenced by the Left, but we can find other outlets.  Keep pushing the truth and it will find the masses somehow, someway. The truth always wins.


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  1. Great job on your handsome sons! I closed my facebook acct last Nov, on the day they censored Leo Terrell. I’ve never had a Twitter account and closed my LinkedIn acct due to security breaches. I have your app on my phone and listen to War Room on Real America’s Voice and America First. Those channels are free with my Hulu subscription, on the Pluto channel.

  2. I love that you are posting on Instagram! Do you need photos from your TeamDML to share with messages? I have some and positive messages to go with them! Thanks for keeping us sane in this crazy world Dennis and Mary and all TeamDML 🇺🇸❤️🙏

  3. Yes it’s hard to keep our voices heard. I constantly see the democrats/left agendas being pushed as the new norm and we all know it’s not. I continue to ask myself how do we as a nation stop the few people who are pushing an agenda most do not agree with. I left all social media and then signed up with GETTR a couple of days ago. Possibly the 84+M Americans who love God, Country and all People will stay strong and win over with the truth.

    Stay healthy and God bless you and your family.

  4. You are so right DML!! Teach your kids and take time with them and you will never go wrong!! All my kids are hard working , love their God , country and flag and have manners! Not always at home though!! But they are good people. It starts at home people !!

  5. Keep up your great work! But I won’t be joining Instagram. One social media site is one too many. But I am a member of Facebook and so I’ll be sure to watch for your messages.

  6. One social media outlet is all this technology dinosaur can handle right now. Maybe I’ll join in the near future.
    Because of you DML, I think I’m usually the smartest person in a room filled with staunch, Latino Democrats, who think Mr. Magoo walks on water.

  7. It seems before we had the term “Politically Correct”, “Freedom of Speech” was not tested. Then, just because some were offended by what was said or done, they deemed themselves right…which led to the return of division by “Political Correctness”. Politics should never be involved in our government decision making. Therefore the very term, “Politically” Correct cannot be determined right for all…hence the term “Politically” is referring to politics.
    The real danger is a government that does not follow the U.S. Constitution and that is Biden’s World. Therefore, when our freedom of speech rights/truth no longer stand in a court of law…we will continue on a dangerous path of transformation…the radical left’s agenda!
    We must try to prevent this from happening…#SaveAmerica #SpreadtheTruth

  8. Hey DML….you should make these shareable to other than Facebook and Twitter. Like maybe being able to copy the link. There have been countless stories that I’ve wanted to share, but didn’t because of this. I’m with you, I rarely go on Facebook anymore and refuse Twitter. I don’t do Instagram, TikTok, etc. Thanks!


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