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Donald Trump has let it leak out that he’s already planning a run for the presidency in 2024. And why not? Who else would the Republican Party prefer? A Morning Consult poll found Trump besting every other GOP candidate by double digits.

It’s not even close. Donald Trump has successfully captured the GOP and can do with it what he wishes. And it’s immediately obvious that, if his legal efforts fail to grant him a second term, he will go out and take the White House back from Joe Biden in 2024.

The article goes on to state the following:

Trump will be able to do this by confounding his critics and revving up a still substantial base of support. The confounding part has proved to be particularly easy for Trump. He has driven the left and the media absolutely nuts and promises more of the same.

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  1. If he doesn’t succeed in reclaiming this election, I certainly hope he and his team can stop the theft for occurring next time. They were behind the eight balk on this one.

  2. He’s not running in 2024. I really wish people would stop going there. I’ll tell you who will be running in 2024 Donald Trump Jr.!

  3. He will have Gods grace to keep his seat this election if it is HIS will. If not, why would he run again knowing the left are masters at fixing them to get the results they want. That won’t change! Every election going forward will be crooked if this one doesn’t get fixed!

    • I agree 100%! I know if this fixed, crooked election doesn’t get fixed there won’t be many out there to ever vote again! What would be the point if our votes don’t count anyway but dead people and illegal immigrants and you name it can rule who the winner will be! That’s where we are right now. Evil vs good. Man no people on earth are as evil as Democrats, period!

  4. If the economic cycles are correct and they stay true to form (as per the last 200+ years) there’s going to be a massive economic downturn in 2026. It will be tantamount to the GFC, or even, the Depression! The (world) economy will recover by 2030. I would not like to be in a leadership position during these four years. The leaders will be blamed for the downturn for which they have no control. Best to leave it to the Democrats for this period 😉

    The economy

  5. I hope it doesn’t come to this, but if it does I’d LOVE to see Trump give these smug Democrats such a hard time for four years that the Democratic Party becomes extinct. MAGA

  6. Trump’s got this he has all the intel to prove fraud and the people doing it check out situation updates with Mike Adams on

  7. The voting system, the media, and the crooked and evil minded democrats need to be tuned up before the republicans ever regain the whitehouse. That is why it was so crucial for Trump to win this election. I hope a miracle happens. People were so stupid, and the Media played a huge part in concealing the truth, and blaming Trump for everything, in turn their hatred for trump was greater than what will happen to America the demon way.

  8. If you can’t fix the election fraud now how can anyone win except the traitors that Soros wants in! We must fix this election or our country will be just another banana republic😪


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