EDITORIAL: Here’s A List Of Some Consumer Brands Committed To A Woke Agenda

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On Tuesday, Unilever CEO Alan Jope doubled down on his company’s commitment to the woke corporate investing system known as Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG).

Speaking with former Democrat president Bill Clinton, Jope said that “anti-woke backlash is incredibly dangerous for the world” and vowed that Unilever “will not back down on this agenda.” Unilever is home to popular consumer brands such as Dove, Hellmann’s, and Rexona. Several of the British company’s brands are actively committed to a woke agenda, but this trend of corporate wokeness doesn’t stop with Unilever.

Here’s a list of some of the highest profile consumer brands who are actively promoting a woke agenda.

The Daily Caller further reported:


The corporate behemoth that brings you overnight shipping and the newest Lord of the Rings spinoff is also engaged in discriminatory race-based hiring practices. Amazon Studios unveiled a new “inclusion policy”  in June 2021 that sets percentage benchmarks for casting, such as, “30% white women and non-binary people, 20% men from underrepresented races and ethnicities, 20% women and non-binary people from underrepresented races and ethnicities.” The policy even said they would give “priority consideration” to certain races and sexes.


A controversial diversity training from Coca-Cola in 2021 bid employees to “try to be less white.” The course also featured interviews with controversial critical race theory scholar Robin DiAngelo. The company has also been criticized for using sugar sourced from forced labor camps in China.

Johnson & Johnson:

During the summer of protests over George Floyd’s death in police custody, Johnson & Johnson’s CEO said white men “need to do more listening.” What’s more, his company’s own policy is to engage in preferential hiring to achieve a certain racial makeup in its management staff.


The popular sportswear company Nike ran an ad in 2018 which featured former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick made headlines for taking a knee during the national anthem before football games, a move which he claimed was to protest police brutality, but which some criticized as being disrespectful toward the flag and the military. Kaepernick also wore socks which depicted police officers as pigs. Nike’s ad panned over Kaepernick’s face with the words “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”


The creator of many a beloved children’s movie has been vocally political recently, and seems to favor the agenda of one side of the political aisle in particular. In March, Disney CEO Bob Chapek publicly condemned Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, which would ban discussion of sex and sexuality between teachers and children between kindergarten and third grade. The company’s statement said, “our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts.”

Ben & Jerry’s:

The ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s previously decided to stop selling its product in East Jerusalem, calling the area, “occupied Palestinian territory” in July 2021. In September of that same year, the company released an ice cream flavor called “Change Is Brewing” which promotes “The Squad” member Cori Bush’s bill seeking to defund the police. In 2016, the company publicly stated its support for the radical organization Black Lives Matter.


The cereal company released a LGBT-themed cereal box in May 2021 that allowed kids to choose their own pronouns. Children could choose “she/her,” “he/him,” and “they/them” pronouns, or add their own. For every box of cereal sold, the company donated $3 to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.


Adidas issued a blow to female athletes everywhere when it ran a campaign featuring a biological man competing as a woman during March Madness. The commercial featured Brazilian trans volleyball player and activist Tiffany Abreu as part of the company’s “I’m Possible” campaign. The ad bemoans that it is “impossible” to “compete as a trans woman.”

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  1. Don’t use any except Amazon, and the prime movies are junk so I never watch them. Funny…ever notice the Good movies are always an extra charge? I do and won’t pay. I just use them for free shipping when their prices are lower than found elsewhere.

  2. The left is full of very very very sick people it’s seams they all have mental challenges. These companies are anti god companies.. being gay is against god and is not allowed period !

  3. Keep hiring unqualified people by Race or by their sexual preferences and your company’s going to tank. You’re hiring a bunch of idiots all they care about is their gay agenda. Watch your company fall apart. The blessings God poured down on your company will also dry up and disappear. Just like the rain in these EVIL Woke States. You think you’re lake’s and Resivors are drying up because of climate change, SORRY. People are paying the price for the Evil that they do. Watch Sin City what happens to it Lake Mead is about to dry up also the hydroelectric turbines will no longer deliver Electricity to these Woke States. They’re draining Lake Powell to fill Lake Mead Reservoir. It’s not going to work very long. God holds the keys to the rain an to all the weather. The ungodly are going to have a Day of Reckoning soon. It’s just the beginning a domino effect is happening now no water no electricity no food. A fammon is on It’s way for America I do believe. Think about it.

  4. Luckily, my cereals are General Mills. Don’t use amazon, will never visit the disney parks again as twice a year for the last 25 years is enough. J&J – don’t use any of their products, don’t buy ben and jerry’s and don’t have any adidas or nike hanging in my closet.


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