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Republican Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) said she will not campaign against former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Collins said in an interview with The New York Times that she does not campaign against former colleagues. Collins and and Biden served together in the Senate.

The article goes on to state the following:

The New England senator said she knows Biden “very well” from their days serving in the upper chamber together and that she doesn’t plan to violate her own rule.


Story 2  – House Rep Who Changed Parties After Trump Impeachment Wins Primary
The Daily Caller reports: Former teacher Amy Kennedy won the Democratic primary in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District, beating her main opponent, Brigid Callahan Harrison, after she conceded Tuesday evening, The New York Times reported.

Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew won his Republican primary Tuesday, beating his challenger, Bob Patterson, by over 60 points, The New York Times reported.

(Van Drew flipped from the Democrat Party to Republican after the House voted to impeach President Trump. He will now be challenged in the November election by Democrat opponent Amy Kennedy.)

Story 3 – Fox host pushes back after Trump campaign spokesman says things ‘undoubtedly’ better than four years ago
The Hill reports: Brian Kilmeade, a host on “Fox & Friends,” pushed back Wednesday when a Trump campaign spokesperson said things were “undoubtedly” better today than four years ago.

“Listen, the president wants to go in there and talk about all the accomplishments he’s done in his first term and how he’s made people’s lives better,” said Hogan Gidley, who recently moved from the White House to become the Trump campaign’s new national press secretary.

“It answers the age-old question — are you better off now than you were before? And the answer, undoubtedly, is yes,” he added. Kilmeade pushed back on Gidley’s remarks, reminding him Americans are currently experiencing a public health and economic crisis.

Story 4  – Trump’s Niece Mary Says She Leaked Family Documents to the New York Times
The Wall Street Journal reports: Mary L. Trump, President Trump’s niece, leaked critical financial documents about the Trump family to the New York Times in 2017 in an effort to damage the president, she wrote in a coming book that tells a bitter story about the president’s upbringing and family dynamics.

In her memoir, Ms. Trump said she decided to share the documents—some related to a decades-old dispute within the family over her grandfather’s estate—because of her concerns regarding the policies of the president.

“I had to take Donald down,” Ms. Trump wrote in “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man,” a copy of which was obtained by The Wall Street Journal. The book will be published on July 14 by Simon & Schuster, the book-publishing arm of ViacomCBS Inc.

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  1. So how much did the DNC pay you Susan for that lame excuse. So basically your saying your hoping he wins so they can turn us into a socialist shithole

  2. Time for term limits. She sure is a poor excuse of Republican Senator. Funny DNC members all stick together but these asswipe RINOS flop like fishes.

  3. Money speaks louder than words. Why is she just now doing this? 2016 has come and gone. It took this long for the Dems/libs to help her create a book of fiction? How much $ ? Why would anyone trust a disgruntled relative? Sad

  4. So Susan, you are telling me if a Democrat that was in the senate before runs again and this time they are running against you, you won’t campaign against them. You are not right, get your priorities straight


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