(Ep158) DML provides health update, plus the disturbing little boys underwear sold on Amazon

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 18-minutes today.

DML provides an update on his health challenge. Then he shares the story of a listener who is troubled over a brand of underwear being sold for little boys. According to the listener, the underwear is disturbing. DML agrees.

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Here is the email DML received, under it is the picture of the underwear and link to Amazon.

“Sunday September 4 I was shopping online for underwear. My son is four years old going on five in September. I came across a store on Amazon selling little boys underwear ages two through eight years old. What happened next is truly horrifying. I have enclosed pictures of the underwear and the store that is selling them on Amazon. The store has been selling this underwear since 2020 and I cannot believe the store is allowed to sell them. I would describe these underwear as a part of a pedophiles rape kit. The store should be shut down, the owner should be arrested and all computers should be confiscated by the FBI. Only a pedophile would buy the underwear for a child. This is a disgrace, it’s scary as a mother. I am mortified that anyone would purchase underwear that has phrases across the rear end with such statements as “obedient, “romantic“ and “delicious”.”


  1. Disgusting! The liberals are trying to make pedophilia normal and acceptable just like transgenderism. It’s sick and perverted! Our society is becoming so depraved!

  2. Report to Amazon as promotion of pedophilia. Although Amazon may support the activity, getting implicated in legal action may get them removed.

    • I sincerely doubt that Amazon supports pedophelia – but they sell countless items or market them for the actual sellers, and I don’t think they’ve got the ability to analyze everything they sell. I bet they will stop handling this sick underwear when it is called to their attention.

  3. This is some of the crap they teach in the grade schools, but as a parent you aren’t allowed to say anything because that would make you a domestic terrorist

    • I agree. Once they get rid of trump one way or another, she will announce she is running. But she won’t as long as Trump is running. She knows she doesn’t have a chance. But it’s scary to think of the lengths they will go to to get him out..

  4. They said they were coming for our children…it may be time to look into that “conversion therapy” they pretend to be so scared of.

  5. My name is Tara and I am the mom that submitted the story. I came across the site last Sunday and I called Amazon. They “took a report”, whatever that means. Low and behold the store is still active. I am horrified and furious. I would like the name and address of every person that purchased. Please share this with everyone!

  6. Anyone who buys this underwear should be reported, not even funny as a joke. Take care of yourself first DML. If killary does run again,it will be another epic fail,this gma needs to be in jail.

  7. Thank-you for the podcast today. It’s a sad world with many liberal disastrous people. So many that don’t even understand the ramification of something like this. Common sense and morals are reaching a new low.
    Praying for you Dennis for a healthy outcome with whatever your dealing with. May you feel healthy and well soon.
    Best regards,

  8. DML, I am a nurse at Johns Hopkins hospital and wondering if you have considered a consultation . Not sure exactly what your situation is but they take cases that other hospitals have not been able to come up with a treatment plan with good outcomes

  9. Despicable. I understand that woke disney has now made a filmk supporting gays/liberals now being shown to young children. Anyone who thinks this is OK should rot in hell.. Two same sex characters now kissing. PUKE disney. Go to hell.

  10. That is disgusting! I don’t understand what the creators were thinking but… sickening! Why does there have to be a perversion with children? This upsets me -_-

  11. Annetta, no the site is gone, thank God! These could be ‘sickos’ that are selling this disgusting stuff but I pray it backfires on the sick company & that they have to go bankrupt & THEN get charged w/ pedo garbage & sent to jail/ prison you sickening pos! 😡🤬


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