(Ep174) Does Biden’s speech sounds like someone getting ready to cheat?

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 55-minutes today.

DML focuses on the speech by Joe Biden Tuesday evening.

Biden was off the rails scary, talking about the election results being delayed possibly.

DML breaks down the risks, and the two-faced story telling of the Dems.

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  1. If the Democrats attempt to cheat they will start a revolution they wish they never started . It will be bloody and they won’t win

    • I totally agree, they will wish they have never started, they are evil, BIDEN is POS and it’s very scary at what they will try to do.
      This country cannot let these evil Democrats do any more damage and the Hand Writing is on the Wall.

    • And last week a truckload of mail-in ballots in a truck burned up in Georgia!!!
      It’s been said before and I will say it against..Wake up people!!! Let’s get our country back!!!

  2. Absolutely they’re planning on cheating. And the discussion about how sometimes it takes extra long to count ballots? Don’t expect results Tuesday night?

  3. Of course they’re getting ready to cheat…they know they can’t win based on the damage they’ve done to the country. But they have their cheating game ready along with the media and even many courts. We can’t survive another round of this and come out unscathed. They will plunge us into poverty among other things. We have to win.

  4. Like the pos said prior to the 2020 election. They have the most inclusive voting fraud system in place. Yes they do and we didn’t stop it.

  5. That is exactly what I thought as I was hearing it. What was Biden’s rationale for thinking the GOP was going to cause political violence if we’re winning? My guess is that the democrats won’t be losing and that there will be rampant fraud. It worked so well for them the last election.

  6. The dems can’t do anything without lying, stealing, or cheating and i seen last night where biden has been accused of meddling in brazils election. i guess Biden and Obama thought it went so well here they would try it there. Never forget in joes own words, “ We (Barack &I) have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of american politics “ Nov. 2020 stealing over 81 million votes of the american people…. they should hang!

  7. I will admit this is the scariest time in my political knowledge of what’s really going on. We all know about the “red wave” coming. I heard yesterday that they have been counting all the mail in ballots and of course it’s all democrats. Come on now—if they steal the election, again, I’m really afraid of what recourse we will be left with. This cannot continue.

  8. Those were exactly my thoughts. I also thought computers were supposed to make th8ngs simpler/ faster. Why even when we had to punch and count it was done by midnight the same day. This is getting ridiculous!

  9. Biden etc has never stopped cheating. Dems continue to cheat, cover up and use the media, FBI, DOJ, congress, and even some rhinos to continue to censor or call us traitor etc., arrest us, to cheat us.

  10. Stupid American pussywhipped men , I don’t have much hope for America right now as the men have given up way to much , their honor chief amongst them , to placate women.

  11. Please realize you’re not the only one praying for this country..God will listen to our prayers and release us from this evil 😉 love you DML! Prayers for your continued recovery🥰🙏🏼

  12. The election cheating has been going on for decades.
    This isn’t new.
    When Trump won it was unexpected and they hadn’t planned enough cheating to win.
    They let it go for 4 years while on a witch hunt and planned the pandemic and to steal the election.
    They had to use precision to add the votes in the places that they needed. They had many people on the ground to do the dirty work and paid them off.
    I believe this is what happened in simple words.

  13. MAGOO is a bully blaming everyone and thing on Republicans! He is the corrupt one! He stood for BLM and Antifa violence ! Never Ever condemning them! If he wanted harmony he would not keep bringing up disgusting things about Jim Crow and insulting people! He should GROW up and be a man! He should apologize to the people he insulted! Impeach #46

  14. My first thought when he had the speech. Cheating again. He is a vile hateful nasty dictator

    He knows he doesn’t have to tell people how good he is because they are planning on cheating

    He is the nearest thing to scum next to Hillary. He has killed so many people with the Covid shots. He caused me to not be with my dad the last six months of his life. I hate this man

  15. Maybe God is answering our prayers by first letting everyone actually see, feel and be affected by all of the corruption. Everyone has to see and believe it, in order for it to be corrected. Remember it all happens in Gods’ time. Keep praying and vote the evils out!!! Keep fighting and Have faith!!!

  16. victory for the gop is already tenuous and wr are always behind a few points as the nation turns left.

    If you add the 5 million illegal aliens that entered in the past 2 years and the naive American voters, the democrats can win if they cheat just a little.

    They will cheat by making excuses to extend ballot counting and then add their own ballots.

    We need to get away from our way of voting and go to the old fashion way of showing up in Person on voting day and pulling the lever.

  17. I’m fed up with these predicted justifications or reported post that will allow the left’s hand in cheating just days before the election.
    If there will be an issue, then the voting process should have been revised way (years) before Election Day if these issues continue to exist. In my opinion, all citizens should have a voter ID, such as a credit card concept, with all necessary info, photo included, embedded, then run it through a device, zip your done, legally. It can be done.
    I’m tired of this “prepare for” nonsense with justifying the left’s record of cheating!

  18. If 2022 replicates 2020 then our future elections are in SERIOUS jeopardy. Period. TBH, I did not even think we’d have mid-terms. Looks like I may have thought wrong.

  19. If the House and Senate DO go Red, then we have another problem – getting the Republicans to do something. This is what happens – Blue “wins” the House and Senate and the takes a left, then the Red gets the House and Senate and does not reverse the blues liberalism but instead HOLDS the Blue Line that they inherited. Then, the Blue gets the House and Senate back and move us further left. I trust NONE of these SOB’s.

  20. In Texas people are calling in to the local talk radio shows reporting that they cast their vote for Greg Abbott but somehow the machine switched their vote to “Beto” O’Rourke. Make sure you check your votes in the machine before you hit submit, then check your paper ballot before you feed it into the vote tabulator. Be vigilant!

  21. I am sick over this. It’s going to happen again. I live in Pa. If they win our state, they cheated. I’m worried about what will happen in the streets. But when u think about it, it could b the straw that broke the camels back! People aren’t going to sit back again and let it happen.

  22. I won’t listen to this vile man. Nothing he says interests me. They will cheat if they can, just like last time. There will be uprising in the streets with no mercy this time…Americans won’t have it. 😡 All out WAR!

  23. Of course they’re going to cheat. Nothing was done about 2020. And nothing will be done when they cheat in the midterms. America is soft. Might want to take lessons from Brasil. The Dems are not relinquishing their power. Get used to Dem rule forever.

  24. Dennis your take on the senate situation makes sense. The democrats are slick so they can easily turn the narrative in 2024 because people really don’t understand how government actually works.

  25. Anyone watch the show Scandal it was about voter fraud and machines flipping the election for the democrats where did that idea come from??? Reality imitating Hollywood or the other way around.

  26. They will not release the police cam on Paul Pelosi case because they want to run with the narrative the crazy guy yelled out ‘where’s Nancy’ to connect with Jan 6th. Plus there is so much more not being released about this Incident


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