(Commenting on)  Evening Briefing September 18: Missing jet found; McCarthy’s nominee prediction; Mask mandates return



  1. No, No,No masks for me! They only gave me sinus infections and are proven not to work. I will stick with the Fronline doctors protocol, zinc, C, D and quercetin. Never got Covid and no vaccine! Yippy!

    • That jet, an $80 million dollar aircraft has a transponder that transmits its location at all times when it’s turned on and set to the correct transponder code. It transmits location. Why was it turned off? That is what I want to know.

  2. No masks! If the hospitals try to make me wear a mask to enter then I’ll just die at home. This whole thing is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American oeople and now they’re trying to do it again! Get rid of Fauci and his money grubbing comrades!


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