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Written by DML

Tony is a retired member of the New York Fire Department who lived through 9/11. He now lives in Vero Beach, Florida with his wife and young daughter. Tony, who prefers his full name not be revealed, is flying a flag that many Americans can relate to these days, especially Trump supporters. The problem is this: Tony’s flag appears to be aggravating local liberals.

“Biden is not my president”, is the message on Tony’s flag. As shown in the photos below, the flag waves proudly under the American flag that bears a blue stripe honoring police.

The flag was hoisted on Monday following Easter, but already Tony has received pushback from the Moorings Property Owner’s Association. The message he received from one of the policing members was sent to me from Tony. The message, in part, reads:

“As an officer of the Moorings Property Owners Association, I have received a complaint about a flag you are flying that says something like “Biden is not my President”. Political signs are not permitted as written in the “Guidelines for Living in the Moorings” and printed in the Directory and Handbook you received in January. I’m sure you understand that flags or signs expressing any political views are not permitted in the interests of being respectful to neighbors, no matter what their political views. Consequently I would ask that you remove the flag.”

According to Tony, his flag does not infringe any of the bylaws written in the handbook. Tony says he sent a reply as follows:

“It [the flag] is not “political advertising“ as described in the Handbook, but rather, a personal view. As a retired NYC firefighter and 9/11 survivor I also fly an American flag that supports the police which is also a strong personal opinion.

“We will remove the “Biden is not my president” flag from my flagpole as requested when you explain to me how it is political advertising and not an opinion. What’s next? The music we listen to or the color of our homes or possibly the car we drive. Will the MPOA complain about a bumper sticker that expresses an opinion? If people are offended about opinions we are going down a dangerous slippery slope.”

Tony and his wife are God fearing conservatives with strong views about the Biden administration. They are quick to intelligently identify and explain Biden’s failures after just two months into a first term. They voted for Trump and feel strongly about the need for the United States to respect and defend the First Amendment. When asked if he was offended by local residents who bear pro-Biden bumper stickers, Tony replied by stating it doesn’t.

“People are entitled to their opinions. So no, they don’t bother me. It just shows me who the radical liberals are in the neighborhood!!! Useful information!!!”

DML NEWS APP will update this story as it takes shape. There’s little doubt this issue will go deeper, as Tony has no plans of removing the flag.

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  1. Stand tall Tony! As another 9/11 survivor I wholly support your position. Its time the tail stopped wagging the dog.

  2. Its not a political statement. It is an opinion. A good opinion. People need to stop whining we faced with differing opinions than their own.

  3. It is an opinion and not advertisement. Liberals continuously said the same thing all over Twitter when I used it. He’s only tossing back to them their own words about Trump. Time to stand up against them.

    • Amen….Where can I get a flag like it? I’d damn sure fly it….God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Good for Tony. Stick to your guns to fight the “cancel culture” and not give in to them. I display my “Pro-America, Anti-Biden” flag every day in front of my house along with my state flag (KY) and American flag.

  5. Where is this CONVENTION OF STATES that was being pushed so hard for? It’s a mixed blessing/curse in my opinion but could put reins on Biden and the Socialists. GOOD ON YOU TONY!! Leave that flag right where it is!

  6. I first of all want to thank you so much for your service! Thank God for people like you who obviously love our country and are doing whatever it takes continuously to defend it. I live in Massachusetts and are not able to even go in public wearing anything that supports President Trump for fear of getting pummeled by some left wing nut job! Sick of being pushed around by these people that won’t allow you to hold a different opinion from theirs. The intolerant left do not represent my values but that doesn’t stop them from trying to shove them down my throat. I just added Tunnel to Towers to the charities I support. I am so grateful to people like you who are willing to make it clear how we feel. Biden is destroying our country and should be impeached for the things he’s doing. I love President Trump and will continue to support him. Tough for the people who don’t like it. Biden is not my President!!!!!

  7. My power to you Tony, Biden is NOT my President either. God Bless America.

  8. Thank you for what you did and are still doing for this country Tony. I stand with you! Biden isn’t my President either.


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