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On Friday, a Saudi national in the United States for flight training committed a mass shooting at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida, killing three people and wounding another 7, before officers shot him dead.

WATCH A SNEAK PREVIEW BELOW of “They Come to America IV – The Cost of Politics.” This is the fourth documentary by filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch on the impact, costs and causes of illegal immigration. In the following clip, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Chris Harris (now retired) shares chilling details of illegal aliens from all over the world apprehended by Border Patrol, who carry a number of fake IDs to try to hide their true nationality.  Harris said they will hide one ID in their shoe, but after being held in detention, they start getting nervous and throw their ID away. He gave one example of an illegal alien who was apprehended, then set free. After he was gone, they found his real ID in the garbage – from Saudi Arabia. WATCH the 2-minute scene in the video below:

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