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In Austin, TX, the City Council may abandon plans to make space for emergency encampments in every City Council district.

KUT reports:

The office said after meeting with the Downtown Austin Alliance, the Greater Austin Crime Commission, service providers, public safety officials and the city’s newly formed Homeless Advisory Committee, it is prepared to limit where people can camp and sit or lie down in public – as well as limit how long a person can camp or rest.

The memo said the potential limits would “likely focus on geographical areas which have high pedestrian traffic, high automobile traffic, and floodways.” The office goes on to say it doesn’t expect these limitations will mean people could be arrested for the behavior. Before the June rule-change, tickets for the behavior often led to unpaid fines and arrest warrants for homeless Austinites.


On any given day, over half a million people are experiencing homelessness in the United States – many of them veterans who sacrificed the best of their strength and abilities to defend the freedoms we enjoy.

A newly-released documentary by filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch tackles the homeless crisis in America head-on. The film, titled, “United States of Tents,” takes you on a journey to several homeless camps across the country, and includes interviews with leaders in many communities who are stepping up to make a difference in unique and profound ways, and giving these forgotten souls new hope and a new life.

“United States of Tents,” will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, and inspire you with fresh ideas and solutions like nothing you’ve ever seen before. DVDs are now available for purchase, either individually or in bulk.

Below is a scene from UNITED STATES of TENTS:

UNITED STATES of TENTS from DML News on Vimeo.

“United States of Tents” is now available on DVD for purchase, and bundle offers are available. Whether you order just one DVD or multiple at a discount, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to share the DVDs with others. People NEED TO SEE THE TRUTH about the epidemic that is bound to get worse before it gets better.

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Gregory: Extremely well done, the entire country should see it!

Donna: Wonderful documentary about the homeless situation and what can be done to relieve it. Wonderful to see the successes some communities have implemented to remedy the situation.

Pamela: I agree that everyone in our country should see the film. I watched it last week and can say it was very well done. It tugged on my heartstrings and it showed the neglect of our fellow Americans. There were communities trying to give them a hand up not a handout. 

Mary: US of Tents is outstanding! By showcasing many different areas, of the country, Dennis explained how this is far more reaching than people believe. 

PLEASE WATCH the video clip below, as DML gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes summary of how he filmed this latest documentary, who helped him, and why it was not picked up by Netflix.  Additionally, the video includes scenes from the first 10 minutes of this powerful, moving documentary.