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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch posted a sobering opinion editorial on Facebook Saturday morning, and later hosted a Facebook Live video to expand on his concerns about the future of the United States as we know it.

First, below is the full text of DML’s op-ed, titled, “Example of why the country is a total mess…”

New bodycam footage taken at night reveals a white Chicago police officer chasing a 13-year old Latino male who allegedly had a gun. A Fox News guest familiar with the incident claims the teen was recruited by a local gang called the Latin Kings. The Fox News guest stated that Adam Toledo, 13, was allegedly instructed to shoot at random cars as they pass by. The bodycam shows the police officer chasing Toledo down an alley while telling him to stop repeatedly. The officer screams, “stop right f—— now.” Toledo then stops for a moment before he turns toward the officer, at which point the cop tells him to, “Show me your f—— hand.” As Toledo’s hands move upward, the officer shoots and kills Toledo.

Fox News also reports that footage from a surveillance camera provides a different perspective of the police chase, with Toledo appearing to reach behind the fence after he stops. The footage later shows a gun on the ground alongside the fence, feet from where Toledo was shot.

The lawyer for the 13-year-old claims Toledo is a victim. The lawyer referenced the shooting as the “assassination” of a child.

Protesters are claiming the white cop was in the wrong, and so it looks like another crazy narrative that plays off the so-called “systemic racism” that apparently exists within police departments nationwide. This narrative fails to address how many white people are killed by white cops each year, but it appears facts mean little to the radicals.
According to the NY Times, one of the protestors told news outlets, “He [Toledo] did all the right things. He put his hands up, and he still got shot.” Really? He did all the right things? Does anyone care to identify why he was chased by police!

Here’s another problem: Nowhere in the NY Times article does it state information about the gun at the fence, or the Latin Kings, or Toledo’s alleged involvement in shooting at innocent drivers, or that the cop chasing Toledo had told him to stop multiple times. Even worse, I defy you to find the story on under the big stories section. As I write this post Saturday morning, there is no mention of this shooting on within the top stories. In my opinion it’s because it doesn’t fit the narrative of “bad white cop who kills black man.”

But most disturbing, and why this country is a ticking time bomb, are the questions that follow:

(1) Why isn’t the media focusing on gang violence in America?
(2) The Latin Kings gang recruits a lot of illegal aliens, so is Toledo an illegal alien?
(3) Why isn’t the media focusing on the dangers of 13-year-olds having guns and running from police?
(4) At 13, Toledo didn’t buy his gun legally, and so how do Democrats justify new radical gun legislation that includes universal background checks, banning AR-15 style guns, and limiting rounds? How do those bills stop Toledo and gang members from shooting at random cars?
(5) Where’s the report on how innocent drivers are being targeted and shot at by minorities in Chicago? Do drivers lives not matter?
(6) Instead of focusing on prosecuting the big bad white cop, and eliminating math because it’s somehow racist, and how reparations and amnesty need to be given to minorities, and the need to shutting down ICE and defunding the police are crucial to preserving our morals as a nation, where’s the media questioning Toledo’s parents? Where’s the media holding Democrats that run Chicago accountable? Where are the community leaders demanding gang violence to stop? Where is Joe Biden and his unifying team of experts on infrastructure? Can cracking down on gangs be included in an infrastructure bill please!

My reasonable questions can go on forever, but I will stop because we don’t have rationale people in power to give answers. At this point, Democrats, the media, radical riot organizers, and ambulance chasing lawyers are incapable of thinking, speaking, or reporting rationally or reasonably.

The story of Toledo and the cop should read like this: “Hero cop saves the possible deaths of innocent drivers by taking down alleged gang member.” But you won’t find that title and article anywhere. Instead, the cop is the bad guy and the 13-year-old is the victim.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to understand why our country is a mess.

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  1. I wish i were still on FB so I could share this but it would prob get taken down for violating FB agenda- truthful events, etc…

  2. You are spot on DML. We know this too will get spun out of control. The left is immune to the facts. Thank you for your objective repirting. You are my “Go to” every day

  3. Dennis, your Op-Ed nails it! Excellent questions that will never be addressed by the radical left. Besides, there are no answers/solutions that the left would even consider taking on these problems we’ve been facing for decades…their agenda is priority for now and that’s all we’ll hear.
    There must be a legal way to end this madness. The Republicans have not tried at all or hard enough. It may be too late, but I’m patient!

  4. You tell me. … 13 year old boy out in the middle of the night with a gun someone supplied. Goes by the street name l’il homicide. And is having with gangs. WHERE ARE HIS PARENTS .? The should be charged S accessories to his murder

  5. Zero accountability. No one is held accountable these days. Not parents, politicians or criminals. This cop will be hung out to dry like so many others and yet the cop who killed an unarmed white female capital protestor gets a pass.

  6. I’m afraid you’re right. The USA is on a downward spiral. I’m so worried. On a happy note, I love your CBD gummy’s and miracle oil and hand and foot cream.


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