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In an exclusive news broadcast to subscribers on Thursday, DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch responded after Fox News suddenly ended a segment with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Wednesday, after he dared to mention liberal billionaire George Soros in connection to the violent riots that have ravaged the country over the last few months.

“Fox News is just as much mainstream media as anyone else,” DML warned, as he offered behind-the-scenes insight on what happened when Gingrich was silenced – and what it means for America.

He noted that the people at the top of Fox News protected Soros, so he would not be exposed by Newt Gingrich.

“The media controls everything, from the election, to the mask wearing, to George Soros not being exposed, to people thinking that Rachel Maddow is actually showing pictures of Trump’s ‘evil doing’ when it was actually that of Obama’s.”

“This is why you can’t get a normal society, because a society that does not have access to right information, you cannot expect them to make solid election decisions,” he warned.

WATCH DML’s powerful commentary in the brief video clip below. (This is only a portion of the entire broadcast. Scroll down for details on how to join the growing movement and get access to exclusive, daily news broadcasts and much more!)

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  1. Newt Gingrich only said what we already knew, that old POS, George Soros is responsible for all the rioting and destruction that is going on in this country. America will be better off when that old POS dies! Hopefully it will happen before that old POS finishes off Our country!

  2. George Soros has two sons that are exactly like their father. God help America🙏❤️🇺🇸 Michael Bloomberg is no better and spends an insane amount of money to ruin Trump.

  3. Soros has and is doing so much harm to America ,and he has been doing this in other countries too.
    He is an evil POS and his dirty money buys DAs seats to destroy Cities.
    He has said he will destroy Trump and America, Hell awaits this very evil man and hopefully it’s soon, unfortunately his sons are as evil as he is.

  4. Fox News I have been noticing that they are going way left. I like Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, judge Jeannie and Levin. The rest can go to hell

  5. We all know Soros and his sons are pure evil. The only thing we can pray for is Soros wil roast in hell, and his sons will one day join him.

  6. I watch a small handful on Fox. I feel confidant in Lou Dobbs, Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Maria, Levin , Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters and Judge Jeanine.
    When Dan Bongino , Huckabee and a few like them come on I listen. The rest I don’t trust.


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