EXCLUSIVE: DML responds to news that he’s on a ‘Russian bot’ list [Statement]

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Earlier this week, DMLNewsApp and TeamDML.com founder Dennis Michael Lynch received a shocking message from one of the writers assigned to the “Twitter Files” project.

Twitter owner Elon Musk has allowed a select group of journalists to search through the documents and correspondence that occurred prior to his takeover of the company, uncovering disturbing accounts of how Twitter colluded with top government officials and lawmakers to push their desired narrative, and censor conservative voices.

Journalist Matt Taibbi, who has released several publicans of the Twitter Files, sent DML a message this week, notifying him that his name was found on a list of people accused of being “Russian bots,” thereby justifying why those people should be censored.

DML addressed the issue in the Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast on Thursday, expressing his shock after learning of the outrageous situation.

On the podcast, DML read the following statement as his response to the news:

My father earned a Purple Heart in Vietnam as a Marine.
I’ve donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to veterans, cops, children, homeless people, and American families in need.

I always pay my taxes.

I was a regular guest for years on Fox News and I hosted the highest-rated show on Newsmax Television.

I won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and I have employed hundreds of Americans.

I have spent 10 years and risked my life at times making documentaries about the costs of illegal immigration and an open border.

I survived September 11.

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, and I have raised four wonderful children by means of instilling into them the values of faith, family, friends, fortitude and love of country.

I work 7 days a week, and operate the DML News App which aggregates news from both sides of the aisle.

But because I was pro-Trump, and my podcast videos grabbed more than 100 million views on Facebook and Twitter in 2016, I get put on this disgusting, discredited list.

I have no words to describe how angry and hurt I am that a biased think tank could be so careless, callous and cruel to me, my family, and my career.

I wonder how much I’ve lost over this injustice, but instead of crying about it, I’ll simply pray for the wrongdoers each day, and try to do my part in making America a better place.

DML also posted a brief Facebook Live on Thursday to speak about the matter.

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BELOW is a link to the DML podcast, where you can listen to DML’s full statement:

DML Podcast: (Ep20) DML is in the next Twitter Files as a Russian bot; plus interview with retirement expert

The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is available below. Never miss an episode. Subscribe to the show by downloading The DML News App or go to Apple Podcasts.


  1. Because you spoke truth, was pretty accurate in a lot of things, these leftist commies (that’s just using nice words) couldn’t handle what you had to say. You’re a tough cookie DML. but your supporters believe in you.

  2. Your life is everything the Dems dislike!
    The Dems like the trans, LGBTQ, and changing kids sex! You support Trump and expose the libs then they cancel culture you!

  3. How awful DML. But you have to know we your followers know the truth. We are on your side of not believing this bullshit. Stay strong, keep the Faith, and I’m praying with you and for you. Amen

  4. OMG this is despicable!! Like you have said countless times they are trying to silence us! They have an agenda and will do anything and everything to destroy our country our lives and our children’s lives!! This sick twisted culture has to go now!! I hate this happened to you!! I’m so glad you were able to find out!! Can you sue the person who said that? Make them pay?

  5. Why is Kohn allowed to voice his nasty name calling comments everyday against conservatives on your news feed? He seems like a bot to me but actually entertaining for his lack of information. It goes both ways.

  6. Don Horner said:

    “ Because you spoke truth, was pretty accurate in a lot of things, these leftist commies (that’s just using nice words) couldn’t handle what you had to say. You’re a tough cookie DML. but your supporters believe in you.
    Because you spoke truth, was pretty accurate in a lot of things, these leftist commies…couldn’t handle what you had to say.”

    This is precisely the position I take with trumpster divers. I lay out the truth on DML, and the trumpster divers can’t handle the truth. They call me a Democrat, a commie, liberal, a RINO, and all kinds of other vulgar pejoratives not suitable to repeat in my posts.
    All I am trying to do lead trumpster divers out of the MAGA darkness and into the bright, patriot Republican promise land.
    I should be seen as the Moses of MAGA. Trump, let my people go!

  7. What’s wrong with making your country a great place to live? In your eyes we are all “stupid, toothless, ignorant hillbillies” and your superiority will lead us to your utopia. Pathetic. My mistake for even responding

    • TDD, you are not making America better when you are supporting a man who associates with anti-semites such as Kanye who is friends with hate-mongering Nazis such as Nick Fuentes.
      Trump is sinking our party with his polarizing personality. Come on. Stolen election of a president? Challenging the legitimate sitting of a new president for the first time in history? Breaking into the Capitol and claiming no responsibility at all? Who in hell would want to join our party with a recent past like that?
      The people we need most to survive as a party are minorities. Trumpster divers fought to take down confederate flag monuments that blacks see as terrorism in the same manner as swastikas are to Jews.
      Look at DML when stories like that come up and read the racist trumpster divers responses. It is pathetic and I fear in 30 years when whites are a minority, the Republican Party will also become a permanent minority party.

      Fred, I supported Trump from ‘15 to sometime in ‘18. By the end I was so fed up with his nonsense of excoriating everyone he didn’t like or who he found disloyal. His whole administration was chaos. Even decent, tough, solid republicans such as Trump’s Chief of Staff and former Marine General Kelly could not take him.
      Trump supported Bolsonaro. Do a wiki search and find out what kind of scumbag that guy is.
      He also not only supported former Philippine President Duterte. He praised him and invited Duterte to the White House through an invitation.
      I was there during his reign of terror in his drug war. He killed 12,000 people in cold blood in the street without trial. Two in my neighborhood. That included over 100 children he called collateral damage. He was even killing people who turned themselves in for treatment. This is all documented.
      Duterte was also a socialist who had a Chief of Staff when he was a mayor for 20 years, who was a former priest turned communist commander.
      Duterte absolutely hates Americans. Hates them. For the 7 years of his administration, he regularly bashed Americans. It happened everyday for the first two months of his administration. He called the Pope a son of a whore. Our government, our system, our culture, our foreign policy. He hates it all. He was also a very close friend of China and regularly praised them.
      Here we had that ignorant MAGA leader of yours showering him with praise, and trumpster divers wonder why I beat the shit out of Trump trying to educate you people about him.
      You do not know him as you think you do. I didn’t either when he first blew onto the scene and began blasting media in his first press conference. At that moment I thought we may have something special. He was special alright, but not in the way I expected the outcome. But I inherently do not trust politicians and I kept him at arm’s length nonetheless. I never did from the beginning buy the trumpster diver horse shit that he is the greatest president in our lifetime or best the country ever had. Is it any wonder why I goof on trumpster divers and call them uneducated toothless hillbillies?
      If you want to know the truth about your MAGA leader, read the book The End of Globalism by Susan Bradford. Be sure to read her credentials.
      Keep one thing in mind about your charlatan. Your MAGA leader has been slamming globalism for at least a decade. During this time he was cutting secret deals with China. He also still maintains an account with a China bank.
      This is detailed in Susan Bradford’s book and her assertions of his dealings with China was proven with his recent tax forms he was forced to release by court ruling. It explains why Trump fought for three years to release them when he promised supporters he would do it every year.
      Spoiler alert: He didn’t.

  8. Law suits are expensive, time consuming monsters that suck you dry both financially and emotionally. I would never recommend that lightly nor do I think anybody but DML can decide if its worth it. I support what ever decision DML makes!

    As far as the last post goes, obviously Dems follow the post! Trump was a wrecking ball in the political arena and many people wanted that! Trump brought a record number of minorities who supported him as president and a record number of minorities who ran and won as republicans and that was yet another reason Dems are soo afraid of him! That is the future of the republican party!


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