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Retired INS agent, immigration expert and TeamDML contributor Michael Cutler gave an alarming analysis of what the results will be if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a self-described socialist and now the front-runner in the 2020 Democrat presidential race, is allowed to implement his plan for America.

In an exclusive news broadcast to subscribers on Tuesday, Cutler acknowledged that some social services are absolutely needed and important, including helping American citizens with their children when needed.

“But you can’t have an open invitation that says ‘anybody who wants to come on down, we’ll feed you, clothe you, and provide you with house, education and healthcare!'” Cutler said.

“The math doesn’t work…. unless you want to destroy the economic system of America, so that regimes like Russia or China or Iran can fight over who gets the spoils of our disaster, because they’re waiting in the wings looking for world domination,” he added.

“Now you have Bernie Sanders talking about dismantling our military, flooding America with an unlimited number of aliens, then providing them with free education and free healthcare…. this is a prescription for the destruction of the United States,” Cutler warned.

WATCH his remarks in the 2-minute video clip below:

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