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Photos have surfaced reportedly showing the Border Patrol agent responsible for stopping the school massacre in Texas.

A Border Patrol agent part of the elite BORTAC unit rushed into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and killed the sick monster slaughtering innocent children and teachers.

The article goes on to state the following:

Now, a photo showing a head wound suffered by the unnamed agent has surfaced. You can see photos of the heroic Border Patrol agent and his head wound in the photos below.

The man reportedly entered the school with two other agents, engaged with the shooter taking a bullet to the head, and miraculously was still able to kill the suspect.

Most of the police officers remained outside during the massacre, failing to attempt to breach the room that the suspect had barricaded himself in.


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  1. All that I can say is,Thank God that the Border Patrol Agent did what he felt that he had to do,w/17 Policeman in the hallway,doing nothing?Or did I read this wrong,that they were waiting on someone to tell them what to do?

    • Because the only thing they are good for is writing speeding tickets, and harassing photographers on public sidewalks…


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