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A chiropractor in Amarillo, Texas, known by all his friends and patients as Dr. Gunney, posted a Facebook Live video on Wednesday that is making waves, as he explains why he has not worn a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic, and has no intention to do so.

Dr. Gunney, whose real name is Stephen Vincent, said in an exclusive interview with DML News on Friday that he has been a chiropractor for the past 11 years, and owns his own practice in Amarillo, Total Health and Wellness Center.

He said he has kept his clinic open throughout the entire pandemic, and has had no patients complain that he doesn’t wear a mask.  “We disinfect our equipment and tables between patients, don’t allow more than 10 people in the clinic at the same time, and take the patients’ temperature as soon as they come in the door,” Dr. Gunney said.

In his Facebook Live video on Wednesday he explained that, according to scientific journal studies, the coronavirus itself measures about 120 nanometers. The N95 mask, according to the manufacturer, will filter down to 300 nanometers, he said, noting that anything smaller is going to get through the mask.

Dr. Gunney then referred to the cloth masks many people are wearing, with some people even putting a coffee filter inside the mask in an effort to make it more effective. However, “that’s about like trying to corral a herd of mosquitoes with a chain link fence,” he declared.

Dr. Gunney discussed a study that revealed that a face mask has more viral activity on the outside of it, than on the inside.

He also blasted the CDC’s newly-released guidelines for opening schools.

“It is time to wake up. This has gone on too far, it’s time to wake up, and take a stand,” he said.  “The people who are worried about getting infected should just stay home, but the rest of us need to go back to living our lives,” Dr. Gunney said, noting that the body is designed to make its own immunity.

The worst thing you can do for the body’s immune system is to keep yourself away from all the “bugs,” as this will kill off our own natural immunity, he explained.

He also declared that if any business has a policy requiring customers to wear a mask, he’s not going in there.

“It’s time for us to move forward as a human race. It’s time for us to say, “I’ve had enough!” the doctor said.

WATCH his powerful video below:

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