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Whether you trotted kids off to school for the past 9-months or labored away at work, you’ve been looking forward to Summer with all its possibilities: vacations, poolside retreats, long sunny days.

Along the way, you’ll trust DML News to keep feeding you all the latest stories and commentary you need to stay informed. Why not treat yourself to a “Team DML” shirt to start the season & spread the word about the site you trust?

“Team DML” is more than just a name, it’s more than just a brand. To thousands of freedom-loving Americans, it not only represents news they can trust, but it has become a family of patriots they’re extremely proud to be a part of.

Now, after over two years of repeated requests for branded apparel items, DML News founder and documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch has added a comfortable and classy shirt to our store, just in time for summer!

Here’s how you can get yours today!


  • Short sleeve, crew neck.
  • Color: Black/White, with white lettering.
  • 100% polyester interlock.
  • Ultra tight knit resists snagging.
  • Moisture wicking. Odor resistant. Stain release.

Available in Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL and 3XL



Included with each order is a FREE “I am TeamDML” bumper sticker:

Below is a photo from a TeamDML supporter who just received her new TeamDML shirts.  She writes:

WooHoo! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Received my shirts today and this is My Granddaughter Zoey in front, my daughter & TeamDML member & supporter Melissa, myself and my granddaughter’s friend Matt. Thank you Miss Mary for the bumperstickers and business Cards.

Another supporter, Joe, sent us this photo with his new shirt.  Thank you, Joe!

DML is wearing a size “large” in the photo below:

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