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In the midst of controversy between President Trump and “The Squad” of progressive congresswomen, Rashida Tlaib tweeted Sunday, touting the “bills introduced” despite the feud.

Tlaib tweeted:

“#13thDistrictStrong: No matter what HE is tweeting, I am working for you every day.

Bills Introduced:
BOOST Act – Tax Credit for families ($3,000 for single filers, $6,000 for joint and families).

PAID Act – Stops the use of non-driving factors for auto insurance rates.”


DML responded to Tliab:

“bills introduced? who can’t do that. you haven’t done a thing. all i see is you live streaming from your car and embarrassing yourself using profanity consistent with street gangs. Trump has boosted the economy and lowered taxes. get a clue lady”

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  1. Using the term “lady” when referring to a foul mouthed female is a big overstretch. Just being female does not qualify you as a lady. A lady is skilled in the art of making everyone comfortable. A lady can politely tell you to go to hell in such a manner that you are actually looking forward to the trip. A lady is not what I see when I look at this female. A woman…..a female….but no lady.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I once attempted to send a message to POTUS to suggest that instead of attacking he try to “kill them with kindness…” Unfortunately, the thing that monitors those messages wouldn’t let it go through, presumably because of the word “kill.” Trying to figure out how to get the point across without it, but my mind just won’t let go of that phrasing. LOL. Essentially, it is the same as you stated “politely tell you to go to hell in such a manner that you are actually looking forward to the trip.” I’ve been accused of having that ability a time or two, but seem to be losing my touch. 🙂

  2. She is just having a “look at me” moment and trying to make it look like she has done something to justify her being there when in fact all she does is cuss, swear, rant and rave about Trump. Without him, no one would know she exists.
    She is pretty awesome according to herself!

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