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According to attorney Jenna Ellis, who served as legal advisor to the Trump campaign, Facebook has slapped a “fact-check” label on a statement by former President Donald Trump.

Trump released a statement on Friday through his “Save America” PAC, ripping into Biden’s military generals over the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Pentagon admitted on Friday that a drone strike in Afghanistan which they first claimed had hit two ISIS operatives was actually a “tragic mistake” that killed 10 innocent civilians, including 7 children.

Trump’s statement reads: “How disgraceful that so many people have been killed because of our incompetent Generals. The Biden Administration wanted to show that they were tough guys after they surrendered to the Taliban, which left many soldiers injured or dead, and left Americans and the best Military equipment in the World behind. Our Country has never been so embarrassed or humiliated.”

The statement was then posted to social media by multiple people.

Ellis shared screenshots in a Twitter post Saturday afternoon, showing a label slapped over Trump’s statement, which reads, “Partly false information.”

“Facebook over here “fact-checking” President Trump’s opinions 🙄,” Ellis wrote.

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  1. No question what Facebook is. Controlling endity. So many people controlling the American people. Reminds me of different herders hearding the sheep. People better wake up before we lose our country.

  2. What part was false? They hit civilians not isisk, lied about it finally had to admit it after being arrested caught, and it was a bungled withdrawal , military and civilian people killed and injured, and is a disgrace to America. Fake checkers that are lying to America.So fact check that you slime balls.

  3. The doctor was talking about Trumps tweets, he didn’t think Trump should have been tweeting all the time.. because he was too rough on that platform

  4. I 100% agree because it is the truth. After our thirteen military soldiers died, Joe makes a speech and try’s to act so authoritative and threatens the Tablins with military action. In my opinion, that speech he read was just a show. With in 24-48 hours dom kills leader of terrorist group. Joe thinks he is renewed in the public eye, wrong. When I first heard it, something didn’t seem right. If the truth didn’t come out that this was all a lie, would you think they would admit this horrible act? Now generals, not Joe, and White House acts like it was a big misunderstanding with intelligence. What the? Whoops, we killed adults, children, not our fault. Did anyone heard from Joe about this? I may be wrong but he believes he won because of covid, so let’s talk about Covid AGAIN. DISTRACTION.

  5. Where were the fact checkers when biden stated the drone killed taliban members, when in fact it killed civilians and bidens statements no Americans will be left in afcrapistan.

  6. Another case of Emperors New Clothes
    Those poor folks really believe their own press and liberal media while the world looks on shaking their heads and laughing…. wait till they really see in the mirror if it’s possible. Hopefully enough folks can help them to put down the kool aid and breathe some fresh air of truth while they have hope. If not we tried …so very sad to think they want to destroy the very system that has built their ivory towers and luxurious lifestyles…. when they are put in the very cages they are trying to put everyone else in then who will they call out to for help then…. answers anyone…


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