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Love Trump or hate him, his historic victory in 2016 will forever be remembered as the greatest upset in political history.

I am writing a book about how Trump formed his strategy to win the election, and why half the country voted for him despite his “less than perfect” past and unconventional leadership style.

In FIGHTING FOR TRUMP, there are two story lines that will captivate readers and cause a firestorm in the media.

The first storyline is one I have co-written with my friend John Roland, the former TV anchor from New York City.  Together, we tell the story of 21 Americans who endured a fight of some kind to help Trump win the election.

The second storyline is written by me exclusively.  I share eye-opening never-before-told stories about how Trump rose to the top, how he forged his platform, and the pride I had to swallow in putting America’s best interests above my own.

I have no set release date for the book, but it is half way completed.

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  1. II look forward to what will hopefully be a lot of book signings so we can meet some of the millions of deplorables who fought and continue to fight for president Trump.

  2. I am an 83. Year old man who in my ĺifetime ,
    never thought I would see an honest man
    In the WHITE HOUSE. God bless you PRESIDENT TRUMP ! Gus St. Angelo

  3. OH I can hardly wait for this book. Just let me know when and where i can pre-order one. I love the way you string words together so I am sure this will be a “page turner” for sure. I like the title already. Hugs

  4. Anxious to read the book…I’ll be looking forward to it’s completion & release…
    Thanks DML & Mr.Roland.


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