First victims of parade shooting identified

Six people were killed and over 30 others were wounded, some critically, in the horrific mass shooting at a July 4th parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

The identities of those slain is starting to be made public.

The first victim was identified as a 76-year-old grandfather who was watching the parade from his wheelchair.

Nicolas Toledo, a Mexican national who held duel citizenships in Mexico and the United States, had moved back to Highland Park a few months ago at the urging of his family members, the Daily Mail reported.

Toledo’s granddaughter said her grandfather really didn’t want to go to the parade, but agreed to go after his family insisted.  He was shot in the head and killed when the gunman opened fire on the parade crowd, and his blood splattered onto his shocked family members.

Two other members of the family were also struck by the gunfire, but their injuries were not life-threatening.

A second victim has been identified as Jacki Sundheim, a teacher and member of the North Shore Congregation Israel synagogue. She leaves behind a husband and daughter.

NEWS ALERT: Highland Park shooter posted chilling videos appearing to preview attack, other targets

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  1. The Christmas parade in Wisconsin, there were six killed and 62 injured. But that wasn’t done by a gun, just a black guy running down people with his vehicle. Biden had no remarks for that. So guns aren’t the only thing that is used in mass murders! And I am so sorry for these families that had members shot.

    • Actually Biden DID come out and give condolences to the families and community about the Waukesha Parade in a couple clips I saw. He isn’t my favorite to say the least but he did recognize “that” happened and made a couple of statements regarding it. Was it perfect? Did he say everything he could have?
      I think we ALL need to STOP this type of banter…it doesn’t help anyone 😕 When “Unhinged people” step out and do crap like this it’s PURE EVIL…but it’s our “media” who is covering certain tragedies more than other tragedies. Our media has an agenda!!

  2. Who cares what Biden says! Cannot stand to look at him on TV. I turn the channel. Not my President. No words of kindness from him that will make up for how he has destroyed America! Worst President in history! My thoughts are only for the victims of yet another “senseless” murder of innocent people!


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