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The Biden administration is currently facing massive COVID-19 testing shortages, despite White House chief of staff Ron Klain saying during the 2020 campaign that President Biden would be “fixing Trump’s testing fiasco” and using his “power” to “demand that more tests be made.”

Klain, who served as a top adviser to Biden during the 2020 campaign, slammed Trump several times in 2020 over the shortage of tests, even going as far as criticizing the former commander-in-chief for not using his presidential power to demand the U.S. economy make more tests.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Again President Trump talks a good game about his absolute power, but the power he really has—the power to take control of the supply chain, to demand that more tests be made, to demand that more gear be made, to get that gear out,” Klain said in a 2020 ABC interview. “That’s the power President Trump’s refused to use.”

“That’s a power Joe Biden would use as president if this is still going on when he becomes president to make sure that we are testing the American people — we are making our healthcare workers safe when they treat us,” Klain vowed.

The Biden administration is now being heavily scrutinized for the current shortage of Covid tests and monoclonal antibodies.

Below is the April 14, 2020 interview with Klain, when he slammed the Trump administration.

Klain declared on Twitter on June 26, 2020, “Testing still isn’t fixed. Testing still isn’t fixed. Testing still isn’t fixed. We are the richest country on Earth, and we don’t have enough SWABS. Testing still isn’t fixed. Testing still isn’t fixed.”

In another tweet slamming the Trump administration on June 23, 2020, Klain wrote, “The WH has testing DAILY for all who meet the President. But they have no plan for testing for hundreds of millions of Americans who don’t — and less 2% of the country gets tested each week.”

Also among the multitude of tweets criticizing the Trump administration was one on Sept. 17, 2020 in which Klain raged, “The WH almost certainly won’t deliver on this promise, any more than it has delivered on its other promises about testing.”

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