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Then-presidential candidate Joe Biden said in June 2020 that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination could not match the death of George Floyd in its “impact.”

“Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did,” Biden said at the time.

The article goes on to state the following:

Biden made the remark at a roundtable event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as part of his 2020 presidential campaign. Then-candidate Biden proceeded to stress the increasing importance of cellphones in shedding light on racial injustices.

DML News App and founder Dennis Michael Lynch weighed in on Biden’s 2020 statement tweeting, “Joe is right only because world has lost touch w/what matters. MLK = good man who made change. Floyd = lowlife felon who’s crimes get overlooked because of an angry white cop. Had cop been black nobody cares about Floyd. Comparing the 2 men is dumb, it’s society that needs comparing.”

This year, Joe Biden released a pre-recorded speech to honor MLK, but he reportedly spent the day at his home in Delaware.

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  1. This proves what his standards are and class is. Low, trash, swamp scum. Sadly there are people in our country that follow this brainless twit and believe him, they are equally as evil. A helicopter should dump Holy water on DC and other areas that are disturbed with these people. It just may help.

  2. What. An. IDIOT.
    He only said that because so many of today’s people weren’t alive when King was assassinated, so they are easily impressed by the comparison to Floyd (of which there are NONE other than the very end result).

  3. Fucking floyd, a useless thug was a pathetic excuse of a human. Dr MLK was one of the most loved leaders of all time. May Dr King rest in peace. As for flloyd, may the pigeons poop on his statue. And FJB.

    • Bae Bae
      Be careful who your hero’s are. I lived through those protests. Always remember He was simply a man And like all of us fell short.
      MLK was assassinated
      And look up the where and when and who. Memphis TN
      Those 6 females were not his daughters. And Jessie Jackson was not in the room with him
      One day the truth about him and everything we ever thought about anything will be revealed. Just make sure your hero and the one you look up to and your soul is in good standing With the Lord God of Heaven Man will always let you down But not God

  4. Well ! Americans get a grip When reaching for someone to look up to Reach for God There is where the real truth for all of us lies. We can’t do anything about yesterdayBut our souls depend on what we do now.
    ! No man will be able to live up to your expectations When destroying Americas history That happened ! You forget to tell the truth about that which 90% of you have no clue. All you want to hear is a beautifully designed story. And this is one subject that took on a life of its own Like all so called hero’s . Just tell the truth ! Everything that is based on a lie will be revealed. Lies always come back to haunt you And color does even come into play There are millions of us still living that lived through those days of destruction
    MLK’s life has really been fictionalized His character is larger than life. He was simply a man who made many mistakes. As we all do.
    Some people like Jessie Jackson that MLK fired And who claimed he was holding MLKs head as he died. Made millions off of those lies . A lot that was not has been added And a lot that was has been erased Like his death.
    Those of us who were alive
    Know where he was and who he was with when he died.
    Today’s Black people know nothing of the truth. King was shot to death coming out of a Memphis Tn Hotel. And let’s say those females with him !
    But in retrospect I guess if you need a hero He was closer than Floyd ever was. He had one good saying And as you see they don’t live up to that either. Out of his protests came the Black Panthers. Of which Jessie Smolett’s Mom is still a top creator. And Obama’s so called African dad came here and went to our university on our dime And joined the protests Of which the Black Panthers told him to get out as well as all those that came from other countries. Which brings into question Kamala who is not legal or black But is in thick with Jessie’s mom. And being she came here from her family’s own slave Plantation That one is strange. ! They told those people they knew nothing about what they were about And ran them all off. This all is history.
    👋When re-writing history At least write some truth in it

  5. At this stage in Bidens life he couldnt tell them apart.. Joe would say something like ” i dont know who b who. They all look alike to me”… Yeap them n corn pop who joe beat with a chain.


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