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Corporate media outlets and prominent Democrats have called “replacement theory” racist in recent days after openly cheering the phenomenon it describes: the demographic replacement of white Americans and accompanying electoral shifts.

After a gunman who shot and killed 10 people in a Buffalo, New York supermarket Saturday discussed the “great replacement” theory in his manifesto, according to The Wall Street Journal, media outlets were quick to portray the concept as racist and a conspiracy theory. However, Democrats and the media have long celebrated the demographic and electoral changes brought about through immigration, and the media has widely acknowledged this Democratic strategy.

The article goes on to state the following:

The New York Times called “replacement theory” racist in a Sunday article which blamed Tucker Carlson for promoting the idea. A Rolling Stone commentary article said the theory was part of an extremist ideology controlling the GOP and that the shooter was a “mainstream Republican,” and the Associated Press cited an expert who said the idea that Democrats wanted to encourage migration from Latin America to bring in more Democratic voters was baseless.

The media and the left is abuzz with condemnation against Republicans, claiming they are pushing the “replacement theory” and insisting that’s what prompted the 18-year-old gunman to kill open fire in the Buffalo grocery store.

However, the Daily Caller blasted out a list of multiple liberal media outlets who have been pushing the “replacement theory” themselves, including the following:

  • Time Magazine predicted in a 1990 report that, due to immigration, white Americans would soon become a minority group, thus reshaping society and politics.
  • In 2002 the Washington Post published an article discussing demographic changes in Texas and touting that the shrinking numbers of white people would benefit Democrats politically.
  • In 2013, the Center for American Progress said that “[s]upporting real immigration reform that contains a pathway to citizenship for our nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants is the only way to maintain electoral strength in the future.”
  • In 2008, Salon wrote touted that the growing Hispanic population in New Mexico had turned the state blue. The article also states that the increase of Hispanic voters in swing states could create a permanent Democratic majority, guaranteeing Democrats would always win the presidency.
  • In 2008, then-Democratic San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro said demographic changes due to immigration would turn Texas blue.
  • A 2013 report by Politico declared, “Democrats have eyed Texas longingly for years, watching as the Republican bastion has transformed into a majority-minority state. The 2010 census found that 38 percent of Texans identified themselves as Latino or Hispanic; just under 45 percent were non-Hispanic whites.”
  • The New York Times pushed out an article in 2020 titled “The Relentless Shrinking of Trump’s Base,” in which they touted the growing numbers of minority voters and the aging white population.
  • Another report by the The Los Angeles Times predicted that Democrats would gain power in red states as their populations grew less white.

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