FLASHBACK: Pence commented on classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago, before finding stash in his own house

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Former Vice President Mike Pence once criticized former President Trump for mishandling classified documents in November, only for Pence to discover classified documents in his own home this week.

Pence made the comments during a November appearance on Meet the Press, with host Chuck Todd questioning him on a number of topics. Pence called Trump’s handling of classified documents “not proper” at the time.

“I’ve not hesitated to criticize the president when I think he was wrong. And clearly, possessing classified documents in an unprotected area is not proper,” Pence said, going on to criticize how Biden’s Justice Department handled the issue.

During the Meet The Press interview on November 20, Pence also blasted the Justice Department for raiding Trump’s home.

Below is the video of the full interview. It is set to start at the 22-minute mark, when Pence addresses the topic of classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago.

Many social media users are also posting a clip from a CNN interview on November 14, in which Pence was asked, “Did you take any classified documents with you from the white house?”

“I did not,” Pence replied.

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BREAKING: Former VP Mike Pence discovered classified documents in Indiana home


  1. Pence and Biden hoth broke the law. Both should be investigated for treason and if found to have committed treason put on trial and if found guilty hung.

  2. I bet, if the FBI raided Obama, Hillary and Pelosi, they could find Top Secret classified documents dated back from 1776….

  3. Pence is turning out to have more contradictions than trumpster divers, and that’s saying something.
    . Trump Derangement Syndrome is a consequence by a gathering of people selling their soul to a leader with a long history of using others for the sole benefit of himself.

      • I see you apparently could not dispute my statement.
        . Trump Derangement Syndrome is the result of the failed American education system which will end with trumpster divers carrying out the results of the Milgram Experiment for their MAGA cult leader

        • Hey you your little tag at the end of your faulty comments is a laughable.. why don’t you ask Musk or Bezos for a ride on one of their rockets to the moon or Mars they are looking for “low life species like you” & while your at it
          stfu‼️‼️. MAGNA PROUD..🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  4. They weren’t classified documents “found” At Mar-a-Lago. They were declassified and they were there and going through negotiations with the national archive. Trump was the only one that was actually authorized to have any of those documents in his possession. Pence and Biden were not.

  5. Kohn has a severe case of TDS he’s panicking. You asked me about masculinity. I can tell you it’s the lack of by juvenile name callers evidence throughout history shows. Get ready let the name calling begin. Trump 2024

  6. It’s all BS!! I’ll bet you could find documents in many high profile politicians homes. They try to make the American people think they didn’t know they were there. Come on Man!
    Deny Deny Deny! Thats their game.

  7. I think less and less of Pence every day that goes by. He is such a disappointment, he failed President Trump and the American citizen after the election was stolen. Shame on him, the shape the country’s in now is on him too !

  8. Mike PENCE is a RINO & proves it every time he opens his mouth..President Trump just spoke up for him & said “Leave Pence alone he has never done anything wrong‼️“
    Unlike Pence who constantly puts Trump down ..Mike PENCE is a RINO .. he is a closet DemoRats ‼️‼️


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